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Kukri blade folding with double iron cross hallmark

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I have in my possession a folding knife with a kukri blade. The hallmark is two iron crosses inside a circle. There is also a gun picto mark on th eblade. I am attaching pictures. I work at an auction gallery in sun city, az and have been unable to identify the knke maker and would appreciate any help or resouces identyfing the piece. Thank you






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Looks like a 1970s Pakistan special.  That's not a brand, just a genre.  The mark is meant to look like Joseph Rodgers of Sheffield, except they used one iron cross and what looks like an asterisk in the cartouche.  That one's cleaner than some, most have stone wheel grinder marks on the blade and more file marks on the bolsters. And the celluloid is in good shape.  I used to see them at the county fair when I was a kid, for about $10.  While I'm not a licensed appraiser, I'd say $5 is fair these days.

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