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Done on time, for once!

Alan Longmire

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I was going to put a horn-scaled folder in the hat, but I was made an offer on it I didn't refuse, so I finished up a little O-1 skinner with stabilized red oak scales.  You may have seen it in Show and Tell.  I made a Larry Harley-style beltloop clip sheath for it and decided it was a worthy blade for this little shindig.


20230730_135237.jpg 20230730_135250.jpg



Technically it's sheath in the style of the woman in Texas Larry used to contract all his leatherwork to, but I don't know her name... it's a really handy sheath since you don't need to wear a belt. Just clip it to a beltloop, a buttonhole on your jacket, or a D-ring on your pack, an ear ring, or whatever's handy. This one is made from 6-7 oz veg tan, welted and (rather poorly) hand sewn with what was white linen thread before I wet-molded it.  Apparently this leather had soaked up some shop atmosphere over the years, enough to turn the thread brown. Hot waxed for water resistance.  

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