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Work from France

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Hello, thank's for the acceptation. I'm french, and I have create a profil on your forum because I found lot's of information here. (more than french forum). I work with NO power tools. Only fire, file and stone, quenching and tempering with forge... I work with 1095.


I have make steel from raw ore with friends and one of my project is make more bloom and more welding with no flux because I love it! I'm in a volcanic area in France (Auvergne) so i have hematite and refractory clay.








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Welcome to you.


Very nice work. I like your style.


I started with "fire and file" and I can appreciate the work it takes to produce good blades.

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Accueillir. magnifique travail. J'aimerais beaucoup voir votre fourneau pour fabriquer de l'acier à partir du minerai.


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Welcome aboard. Very nice work.

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Posted (edited)

Thank's for all your comment! Alan, I try to use google translate too... :) 


Joshua we have many furnaces (crucible steel, wootz, bloom, little, big...) I can make photo of process and furnaces when we use it if you want! I try to found information to do very little bloom (1kg) and to do crucible steel but in bar shapped (to work with only hand tools, and alone).


Today I have finish a blade... Full hamered surface and just metal brush to polish. After this treatment, one hour in hot vinegar. The wood chisels is to make the japanese style handle, i try a new geometry so the handle is'nt finish. I think it's too large to work precisely (1cm). The newt will be around 0,5cm.


The glue used is knife cement. (rosin of pine (collected in nature), brick and oil). It's removable with hot water and very very strong!





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Posted (edited)

New work. Test of welding with woodashes as flux, I must make an axe with this flux. It's free but you must have clean surface (hammered with water), good temperature, tight surface... Use it like a joint to block oxygen, not directly on the surface before folding to not have inclusion! Like a joint, it's very good!


And the knife is a test with a sculpted look handle and a treatment with pine tar. I'm curious if it's a good idea for a bushcraft knife!


To quench i use the shadow of austenite transformation. You call that recalescence and decalescence. 


A question, do you know what is the temperature when scales melt? I'm curious to do a test: Fold a piece of steel like 1095 with lot of scales, and weld at high temperature without flux. Scales just melt and make inclusion or they change of structure? (become again iron?)

Bonne soudure.jpg



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On 10/2/2023 at 8:07 AM, Pierre-jean Guibert said:

Scales just melt and make inclusion or they change of structure? (become again iron?)


It will become iron again IF your forge atmosphere is reducing/ fuel rich.  If oxidizing/ fuel lean, it will be an inclusion and not melt.   Google Translator says: Il redeviendra du fer SI l'atmosphère de votre forge est réduite/riche en carburant. Si le carburant est pauvre en comburant, ce sera une inclusion et ne fondra pas.

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