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How do I use my thermometer?


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I got a K type rod on this,

So I set my thermometer to type K

But I read that type K and type J both work to measure high temps.


Problem is that if I switch the type, the displayed temperature drastically changes.


So I'm a bit uncertain which is the true reading, if that makes sense...





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Yes, that is how they work.  Type J uses a different bimetallic series, and thus if you try to read a type K thermocouple with a meter set to read type J you will get incorrect values.  For example, at 375.5C, a type K probe produces a voltage of 15.35mV, but a type J produces 20.5mV.  This is why your meter shows different readings.


You can test this with a glass of ice water.  Once the temperature of the ice water has stabilized, the meter set to type K using a type K thermocouple will read 0.5 C or close to it.  

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