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Requesting help for a budding Blacksmith Apprentice


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Hello all.  I got the following message from Arnon Kartmazov at Bridgetown Forge here in Portland, OR:
Hello, I have a favor to ask:  I'm running a GoFundMe campaign for my apprentice, Buddy.  He has been training at my shop for over a year now and was coming along nicely as a talented and dedicated Smith.  Unfortunately, his dreams were cut short when an accident involving a freight train took his leg.  He survived, and is determined to return to his training, and has every chance to do so, but he needs some help.  
Please see the link below to the campaign; donate if you can afford it, or simply share the link and the story on your social; media - the latter is really important.
Let's help Buddy forge again!


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RIP Bear....be free!


as always

peace and love




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