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Wire turks heads

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I'm working on learning how to tie twisted wire turks heads in steel wire. Just curious how these tie in other softer materials, specifically brass or silver?


I assume any will work harden a bit with the initial wire twisting. I'm also finding that steel wire has a certain propencity to kink when threading the bends, and wondering if other materials are similar?



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Not at all. The wire comes dead soft. I twist it up and then go right into tying it. I have spot annealed kinks, but those pieces have died for other reasons. 


Edit- I tied a couple in paracord, and have just been tying a bunch today on different mandrals to see if I can predict final ID.  Get as far as the first sequence on the mandral, then do it freehand as that seems easier to feed and to keep the strands parallel.


These are working out ok, and I want to use iron for this project, just wondering how other materials are for future use.

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Even soft iron binding wire will work-harden if you twist it up.  As I said, I've never done a turk's head in metal, but I do know the wire will get hard to work with if not annealed often.  With copper alloy wire (nugold is what I've worked with) I find it needs annealing after every step when making beaded wire or filigree wire.

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