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Jaron Martindale

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..Just by the Hair on my chin chin chin....

I wanted to challenge myself this year again, so I decided that a Razor would be a good every day use blade (maybe not for the crowd here...:lol:) that would be sufficiently challenging.  Then I realized I had never done a Hollow Grind before....OH WELL!


This is my "handle-less" Straight Razor made from differentially hardened 1065 with a Resin and Orange Osage Stand.

There is a slight Hamon, but because it's boring I opted to leave the blade at a satin finish.

The Stand is a Slab of Orange Osage in Resin with some Copper shavings placed on top of the bark to give it some color.


It is very stable and comfortable in the hand, even for a novice straight-razor user like me.:D


IMG_1914.jpg IMG_1915.jpg IMG_1916.jpgIMG_1918.jpg IMG_1919.jpg IMG_1921.jpgIMG_1923.jpg


What a Learning Curve!

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