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Spatha 4th century a.d. Illerup Adal

Kris Lipinski

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I'ts from my blog




A sword used during the late Roman Empire.  Inspired by finds from a lake in Illerup Adal, Denmark, where about 400 swords of this type were found.

I carried out the project quite a long time ago, in 2019-2020. My role was only to forge the blade, the grip and scabbard were made by another craftsman, whose name I don't even know. I know only he is an elder man who works exclusively for one reenacting group. The pattern on the original blade is quite unusual and it is not known exactly what technique it was made with, my interpretation is rather loose.


Spatha with grip and sheath 1.jpg

Spatha with grip and sheath 2.jpg

Spatha with grip and sheath 3.jpg


Spatha wzór nacinany.JPG

Spatha original pattern.jpg

Spatha 1.JPG

Spatha 3.JPG

Spatha 5.JPG

Spatha 6.JPG

Spatha 8.JPG

Spatha 9.JPG

Spatha 10.JPG

Spatha 11.JPG

Spatha 12.JPG

Spatha 13.JPG

Spatha 14.JPG

Spatha 15.JPG

Spatha 16.JPG

Spatha 17.JPG

Spatha 18.JPG

Spatha 19.JPG

Spatha 20.JPG

Spatha 21.JPG

Spatha 23.JPG

Spatha 24.JPG

Spatha 25.JPG

Spatha 26.JPG

Spatha 28.JPG

Spatha 29.JPG

Spatha 31.JPG

Spatha 38.JPG

Spatha 39.JPG

Spatha 40.JPG

Spatha 41.JPG

Spatha 42.JPG

Spatha 43.JPG

Spatha 44.JPG

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18 hours ago, Doug Lester said:

Very nice.  I\d look up the maker of the handle and the scabbard and thank him profusely.



You are 100% right. I admire his work, and I'd feel honoured if I could thank him for his jewelery level of work, but the circumstances are as follows:

The guy who ordered a blade is a member of a group that reenacts Roman Empire age. Then he ordered all fittings with mentioned elder Man, who works only for that group. I asked if that man would agree to be mentioned as a maker of such quality scabbard and fittings. But I found out he is suffering from some illnesses and the group takes care so that he has the job and means for his living. I believe there are some significant reasons applying to their cooperation to keep his name in discretion. 

I hope this expalains a bit.


I have also forged some gladiuses and soon I'm gonna show them, hopefully with fittings made by the same Old Master.


And thank You gentelmen for good words appreciating my work. 



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Now that is some next level pattern welding, I really like the special punch and the effect it gives.


These late roman blades are some of the coolest historical works, the patterns are so creative and diverse

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