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Looking for a maker to make Damascus Katana

Kris J

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Looking to get a 3 steel Damascus Katana made with a roughly 28 inch long blade and a 12 inch long handle. Steels of choice are 15n20, 80crv and S5.

The Katana is to be made in a traditional fashion, folded several times, a tang that tapers with a cast iron guard, the only difference being I would like the handle made in G10 instead of wood, but still wrapped with cord just like a normal katana would be and still have a metal pummel at the end.


If interested please comment below or DM me.



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Interesting choice of steels.   I'm a bit concerned about S5 in the mix, and you won't get much visible pattern, since they are all high chrome steels.  80crv2 is like 5160 in that it doesn't like to weld to itself.  I'm guessing that S5 may have the same problem.

I won't even get into the "traditional" argument..


Do you have a budget in mind?



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