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jake cleland

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Haven't posted anything in a good long while - my mother passed away unexpectedly at the start of the summer, and I pushed back all my orders to deal with the fallout from that...


This is the first of those delayed projects to actually get finished. 12" nagasa hira-zukuri blade, forged from 1095. Copper habaki, brass seppas and steel tsuba, copper fuchi and kashira, sycamore tsuka wrapped in samegawa and lacquered deerskin lace ito, with nickel silver menuki and buffalo horn mekugi. The saya is sycamore, covered in ground tealeaves and lacquer, with buffalo horn koigouchi and kurigata, with cotton sageo.


o-tanto 42.jpg


o-tanto 39.jpg


o-tanto 47.jpg


o-tanto 43.jpg


o-tanto 44.jpg


o-tanto 45.jpg


o-tanto 46.jpg


Let me know what you think...


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Jake Cleland - Skye Knives


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Sorry about you're loss.  It's something that we are never ready for.


The tanto looks great.  I don't recall you producing one before.  You definantly have the form down.





HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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Sorry for your loss Jake. That's always a roughone to dal with, especially when it's unexpected.

I know nothing about Japanese blades, but that is an awe inspiring project.

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I add my sympathies over the unexpected Jake….. good to see you are channeling that in a positive way…..


I like the Hamon you got on that……

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