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Blister steel/carburizing containers


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Friends got me curious about making blister/shear steel and caburizing mild steel. 

I'm using steel container and can't seem to find an answer.  IS the  container is welded airtight or a pin hole left in it.

Maybe I've missed it. Watched  Rics, Kevin's  videos and several others and I think i hear them saying weld it tight/ no airholes.

On the other hand when I make canister steel I leave a small hole or drill one

Just don't want a bomb in my forge 


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Thanks for clarification. The CO retention fits with everything I'd read. The confusion came in after watching YT and someone specifically mention the hole for safety then another said weld up tight specifically for CO reaction. Figured I'd ask people with better reputations than YT cowboys 

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It shouldn't need to be air tight.  A tiny hole will allow pressure relief, but it isn't going to really suck the CO out very quickly.  There will be a little bit of drive to mix the gas, but it isn't like you will be blowing air through the canister.  So, a pinhole is a source of lost efficiency, but not a big one.  

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