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Air supply for remelting hearth

Kyle Vance

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Hello all! I have been forging stuff for the last 6 years, and recently started trying to make hearth steel with all the scrap I have sitting around, however, every time i try it, the melt fails. this last time I managed to get a little to melt, but it quickly burned to oxides. i presume the issue is that I was using the blower for my old coal forge, which has rather low pressure, and i wondered if a (rather large) air compressor would work better? I don't want to go out and buy a shopvac, as we already have one, but it lacks the blower function. any thoughts?

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I’ve used a number of different air sources and I would say the most important things are: 1) being able to move enough air and 2) having control over the air flow. 

If you plan on doing this a lot, I would highly recommend buying a used HVAC blower if some kind or another and a cheap 0-10V controller for it. You can also regulate the flow of a something like a shop vac with a valve, not sure how well that would work with compressed air but it might be possible. I imagine it might be difficult to have the fine control you get with a variable speed blower. 

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