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cannisters update


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Cap welded cannisters, threw in propane forge and was promptly rewarded with cannisters that swelled to point of popping pinholes in welds. Since the worries about dodging shrapnel was averted I continued to heat. 

Cannister 1 was a preshaped KSO 

Canister 2 was a piece of wagon wrought iron circa 1880/90s

Soaked for about 1hr. 30 minutes. 2100 deg F.

Pulverized ulverized lump oak Charcoal,  pulverized, @20% crushed rock salt and @ 20% crushed oyster shells. Not very scientific.

Canister 1, nice looking steel that had case hardening depth around 2-3mm. tempered at 400f for 2 hours. A file skates. Will do a final grind and maybe remember to a reasonable rockwell

Canister 2, wrought iron, very little blistering but it looked promising. Thought I'd see more blisters since this isn't the best wrought quality however when cleaned and etched it was showing some hardening depth and nicer sparks. Going back in new can to see how it does with longer soak 

Overall an interesting experiment.

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Approx. .25 x 6 inch. Started with clean steel.   depth of hardness was maybe 1/16 inch or less. Guess it falls in line with some of the studies I read for time and carbon transfer per hour but easily less than half what i got with mild steel.

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Thanks . It start as a survival/archeological experiment. Mild steel fleshing tools progressed to questions about making steel.  You know  the progression better than I do.

Funny part was one fleshing tool ended up in England where they are going to conduct edge wear comparisons 

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I do indeed know how that progression goes. :lol:


Be sure to the the edge wear people a carburized mild steel edge is in no way an analogue of a carburized wrought iron edge, particularly at the micro level.  

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