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Lower forge temp after re-lining?

Aiden CC

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As the title says, I finally got around to re-lining my forge, and upon starting it up, the temperature is lower than before for the same regulator setting by a considerable amount. So far, I have torn out the old lining, put in 2” of wool, rigidized it, put in a floor tile, and coated the surfaces with Satanite. 

Is it possible that there is too much restriction around the burner inlets? Here is what it looks like:


I had to readjust that area, since the burner nozzles were somewhat mushroomed out and I couldn’t remove them. 

I also have some ITC 100 I plan to put on, but I wanted to make sure the forge was cured well, and maybe put on another layer of Satanite first. Could the coating make that much of a difference? I think the forge probably was intially lined in some places with that coating, but the walls were actually made of ceramic tile originally. 

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I can only speak for when I built mine.  I had the same problem.  But the ITC coating did help a lot.  It refracts the heat back into the forge so almost acts like insulation or a mirror.  Since u seem to have some try it and see how much it helps before trying any major overhauls. 

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