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Potentia - Hand forged dagger 15k USD


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Hi everyone,


Seeing as the market in my home country of Norway is really limited when it comes to high-end knives like this one - I thought I'd give it a try here - in case someone slightly more international might be interested.


This piece has taken me 640 hours to complete, and while I've been terrible at keeping track of material cost - the gold, gems and silver amount to somewhere around 1300 USD give or take, and of course there's tool wear and tear.


At an hourly rate of 22 USD I don't find it unreasonable to price this piece at 15 500 USD including beforementioned materials and tool wear.

for an additional 1500 USD I will deliver the piece in person - world wide - except conflict zones.


The word "POTENTIA" comes from Latin and means potential. It originates from the verb "posse", which means "to be able" or "to have the ability to". The meaning of "potentia" has evolved over time and has influenced many modern concepts and ideas. For example, it has given rise to the English word "potential", which refers to a hidden or possible ability that can be realized.


The knife "POTENTIA" is my expression of all my abilities to date, as well as my goals for the future. Potentia marks a crossroads and a paradigm shift for me as a knife maker. This is my most comprehensive work to date, and it has taken me over a year to complete (640 hours).

I created this knife to prove to myself as well as the world that "I can" - and the words "my will, my hands" have been in the back of my head throughout the process.


Here is a LINK to a brochure I've made for the knife. It contains some backstory and step-by-step images compared to the finished works - for those who might be interested.


And of course the Promo-video I created before starting and completing the sheath:


And here are the knife stats:


Blade length: 18cm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Blade width: 3.2cm

Blade hardness at edge: Approx. 58 HRC.
Handle length: 13.5 cm
Knife weight: 345 grams(w/o sheath)


Materials blade:
Shaft steel from Kongsberg Automotive.
15n20 Nickel steel.
24kt gold.
2 pcs. 0.03ct natural white diamonds.


Materials handle:
Stabilized maple.
Vulcanized fiber.
Railway steel from the Numedal Railway in Rollag - Norway.
24kt gold.
6 pcs. 0.03ct natural white diamonds.
8 pcs. natural red rubies.
1 pc. natural blue sapphire.


Materials sheath:
Schaf leather.
925 Sterling silver.
24kt gold.
13 natural blue sapphires.
2 natural red rubies.

















































Last but not the least - this knife won "1st place" and "Best in Class" in this year's Norwegian Knife Association's knife competition - Open Class.


If anyone are interested - feel free to message or make a post in this thread. :)

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