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Nakiri steel

Joshua States

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I have an order for a Nakiri and am contemplating which steel to use. 

I don't want to mess around with any high-tech new steel that I don't know well.

(besides those Hitachi steels are pretty expensive and this customer probably won't want to pay for it)

So, it comes down to one of the 3 steels I use frequently.

O1, W2, or 1095.


Just wondering what the lords of chef-knife land think would be the best one.

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1095. I use a nakiri every day at home, it's one of my favourite knives. Plain carbon steel differentially hardens to have the nicest hamon, and it's the closest to the steels the Japanese use. In my opinion the nakiri is at it's best when it's quite thin. I have some W2. It's great for tools but I'd prefer 1095 for a carbon steel Japanese knife, and 1095 is also much nicer to polish on Japanese stones.

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