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Multi-bar Hearth Steel Seax

Anthony Wetzel

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Hey Guys- here's my second finished hearth steel knife. Its got hearth on the edge, a loose wrought twist that straightened when I forged it and some layered wrought on the spine. I am definitely going to do much tighter twists and forge closer to shape for next ones. I used Indian ebony for the handle and some buffalo horn for a bolster. The buffalo horn is really nice to work with besides the smell! It just responds very well to hand filing and I got a really nice fit up for once. This was only my 3rd sheath so it is definitely a little rough with symmetry and riveting but I loved seeing the metal accents you guys have done on yours so was trying to replicate. I know it is probably not historically accurate using indian ebony, but I thought it went well with the coloring of the pattern. As far as the hardness, from the sparks I think this would be a more medium carbon material, I would love to know if there are any cheap rockwell hardness testers floating around?. I quenched it in oil, so was thinking of trying interrupted quenching with water than oil for next set to see if I can raise it, or bite the bullet and just go full on water quench. Anyways hope it looks ok!











IMG_0151 (1).jpg

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