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Traditional Japanese iron patination on brass, Niage/rokusho on native copper.

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Finally have something to post here! I'm working on furniture for a reproduction sword blade that was forged in China, focusing mostly on the furniture (Doing this for myself, to try to learn the techniques). The habaki is the original one, repolished by myself and patinated along with two custom brass seppa using Jim Kelso’s iron patina recipe. I really like how they turned out, they got a nice dark vintage brass colour. The fuchi/kashira are antiques, I believe native copper, that I repolished and repatinated using Ford Hallam’s Niage/Rokusho technique. The tsuba is an antique iron one that I repolished using bone and magnolia charcoal. This is just a test fit. I still feel like I have to repolish and repatinate them all, because the finish isn't uniform on them, but overall I'm pretty happy with how the colours/finishes turned out.


Both the iron patina and the niage/rokusho actually turned out to be pretty easy. I can give some tips and tricks if anyone's interested. The hardest part really is the polishing beforehand, and having to go back and repolish/repatinate until you get a consistent finish. As you see in the photos, it can look just fine from one angle, but from the other it doesn't look so fine! Still, I love the depth and interest in the colours.







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