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Smallish chef knife


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I had a chunk of the billet left over from the kitchen knife so I made a 3.5" hunter. It wasn't long enough for a full tang so I welded an inch or so of mild steel on the butt end.  The scales started out as brown canvas micarta, but they turned green when I sanded them down and put gunstock oil on them. Weird. 



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Agreed ....weird about the brown turning green... why do you think?  was it brown when you bought it? I think the brown would have matched well with the copper.......

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Think the micarta was probably green when I bought it decades ago and maybe turned brown on the outside sitting in my big box o' handle materials?  Here's another block just like it and what the inside of the one I used for the scales looks like after it was cut. 




Rubbing the Gun Sav'r brand gunstock finish on it definitely made it look greener and darker. 

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