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Four bare knife blades for DIY fit and finish.

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I’m offering four bare blades.

First three are a san mai construction. Core of bearing steel [hardness approx. 57HRC – estimated, not measured]. Sides of wrought, fibrous iron.

The fourth one is a pattern welded blade with a twisted bar and cutting edge of random damascus of about 180 layers of bearing and spring steels. Spine is some old steel.


If You want the tangs to be ground a bit, obviously I can do it before shipping.

1. 85 USD

Blade length – 159mm / 6,26’’

Width – 27mm / 1,06’’

Thicknes – 4,4mm / 0,17’’

2. 85 USD

Blade length – 157mm / 6,18’’

Width – 28,5mm / 1,12’’

Thicknes – 4,5mm / 0,18’’

3. 75 USD

Blade length – 124mm / 4,88’’

Width – 22mm / 0,87’’

Thicknes – 3,2mm / 0,13’’

4. 100 USD

Blade length – 102mm / 4,06’

Width – 23mm / 0,91’’

Thicknes – 4,3mm / 0,17’’


All of them for 300 USD


Shippping 25 USD

Shipping with global express usually is delivered to USA within two weeks, but a maximum time is described as up to three weeks.

I prefer payment via Revolut

[For people who don’t have a Revolut account it is possible to transfer money from ordinary  bank account]

Or, if someone prefers, I also accept Western Union.

Please contact me via private message here or via email

krylip [ad] gmail.com

Pattern welded knife 2.jpg

Pattern welded knife 1.jpg

Pattern welded knife 3.jpg

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