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Celtic Sword


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Hi all,

the time i waiting on the the delivery of different gold wires for the Skanderbeg sword, i begin with a second custom work.

My customer want a celtic sword.

4-5 years ago, i buy a bare blade at "Albion Swords"

The blade is 75cm long with hollowground, 46mm large and 6.5mm thick. A verry nice hard and flexible blade.


The bare blade is milled and harded.


My customer wants this style of handle



And a iron sheet scabbard with many carvings


the style of scabbard



the carvings




I beginn to grind the blade for a clean surface.




He wants a "used look"

yesterday i make a lightly etch on the blade and let it over night outside


The pics are from this morning

b (2).jpgb (1).jpgd (1).jpgd (2).jpg




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the blade is cleaned and nearly ready.





Here the form of the handle




The front and endpiece of the handle i make with goldrain wood ( laburnum anagyorides ). All spacers and the ferrule i make with wrought iron. The 3 bigger rings from hippo ivory and the 4 smaler rings from goldrain wood.





I just cutted raw the front and endpiece




The wood after some weeks, comms verry nice, dark brown . Fresh cutted it is more cleare brown / gold




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That is beautiful


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Posted (edited)

Here my first try with the Scabbard chiseling

Right side the driving pitch was not cold and the lines not clean. The left side is more better.



Now im make first the scabbard with a 0.75mm sheet.

And here the work i want make :



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The chasing looks good. It's not easy! You have to get used to working with the pitch, depends on the ambient temperature and the hardness of your particular pitch. My shop is usually pretty cold in the winter, and I find I have to heat several times until the pitch is malleable enough deep enough to get a good hold on the piece. Different recipes have different properties though. I'd say the original was probably chased, but I can't find a decent picture online! Both chasing and repousse go back to the bronze age though, I believe.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Eric,

maby this is the original or a reconstruction of the scabbard. Repousse is verry nice. My 0.75mm steel sheet is to thick for so detailed repossuse. My idea was tu make repousse. Now i make it chiseled.



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