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Some books

Eric Estlund

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-Armie Bianche Italiane

-Technology of Sword Blades from La Tène Period to the Early Modern Age

-Records of the Medieval Sword

-Park Lane 2004-2020

-First Kings of Europe (Catalog)

-Arms & Armour of India, Nepal & Sri Lanka

-Weapons of Warriors

-Hindu Arms and Ritual

-Arms and Armor of the Caucasus

-1000 Marks of European Bladesmiths

-The Two Handed Sword

-The Sword in Angli-Saxon England

-Scythian Art

-Knives and Scabbards

-Covering the Blade


-The Rapier and Smallsword, 1460-1820

-The Swird: Form and Thought

-Das Schwert

-The Spolis of Victory

-The Wallace Collection: European Arms and Armour Catalouge (V1,2) 1962

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13 minutes ago, Jaron Martindale said:

Thank you for the enormous amount of tabs I now have open on Abebooks and the intense likelihood of a drained bank account....:lol::P

I love ABE, but I've done quite a bit of international buying and have been able to reallocate savings into other titles.

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I have six of those, and several not on that list.  


Swords of the Viking Age, Ian Pierce

Spirit of the Sword, Shackleford

The Sword: Myth and Reality (forgot I had that one!)

Swords and Hilt Weapons

The Archaeology of Weapons, Oakeshotte

Archaeology by Experiment (good for bronze age stuff)

Knives and Swords: A Visual History (not particularly great)

Catalog of the Museum of Historical Arms and Armor, 1982

The Metallography of ferrous edged tools and weapons, Tylecote and Gilmour


That's just the sword shelf.  General Blacksmithing takes up around feet of shelf space, bowie knives and pocketknives another two feet, jewelry and metalwork another couple feet, and so on.  Probably around 90 square feet of book spines on shelves. This doesn't include novels, biographies, SF&F, cookbooks, History, or Archaeology. :lol:  Just knives, swords, metalwork, smelting, metallurgy, flintlock stuff, furniture, pottery, and so on.  Those are another 60 square feet of spines on shelves.  I may have a problem...

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