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Possible use of a 100gal propane tank in my shop!

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So first off I must say, my landlord is the best! He owns a few properties and said he has an extra 100 gallon propane tank that I could use for my blacksmith shop. He is very supportive of my hobby, and after I fixed his bale spear (made a post about that earlier) he was thrilled, it was just going to thrown away, but I offered to give it a shot. Well, once he saw how useful a forge could be he offered for me to use this 100 gallon tank he has. Now, I would still consider myself a beginner blacksmith (maybe been at it a month or so, but have been a welder for a few years, and am hooked on working with metal) but have plans to grow my hobby into my own small business (eventually lol). One of the main issues I've had, which this forum helped me to overcome already, is issues with my lines freezing up after an hour or so. I went with having a backup tank on standby which has proven to be extremely helpful (thank you everyone!). But, going off what I've been told, I think using this tank would be a wonderful idea. The question I have is how hard is something like this to connect to my forge? I have a double burner Venturi style forge that runs up to 30 psi (normally run at 5-15 depending on the task). I obviously would have to have the tank outside, and run the lines through my shop wall, all things that my landlord has said is okay. I also live in Wisconsin and don't know if there are any sort of regulations for this idea. My shop is separate from any living spaces, and I live 10 miles from any town. Any thoughts or ideas anyone may have would be immensely appreciated! You all have helped so much already in getting off the ground and moving metal, and I cannot thank you enough! I truly love blacksmithing, and am so proud to be doing this work! I can promise that I will be passing along all the knowledge gained from experience and the help I have gotten from all of you to keep this art alive. It's definitely a work of passion and I cannot wait until my son is old enough to teach him what I know! 

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I used a 100lb tank for a number of years and never had a freezeup issue.  The problem that I had was moving them.  They are heavy, even empty, and you're not supposed to transport them on their side.  I finally went to a 420 tank (120 gallon. about 95 gallon actual) that the company fills when they fill the 500 gallon tank that feeds the house.  Much simpler.


Tank size is strange, up to the 100 lb tanks they are referred to as "lb" sizes, over that they are referred to by gallon size, except the 420.  Makes head hurt!  A 100lb tank holds 23 gallons, a 57 gallon tank (200 lb) holds 46 gallons, and the 20 lb BBQ tanks hold 4.5 gallons.

It's not hard to connect to your forge, they all take the same fittings.  You will definitely want a pressure regulator, but it sounds like you have one.  Local regs I can't comment on.  I would suggest that you have a 1/4 turn shutoff valve near the tank, and another near the forge, just in case you need to do an emergency shut down.



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