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Industrial forgery in Pakistan

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A buddy of mine sent me this.  



I have a few things to say about it.  First, you have to admire the skill of these guys. They are very good at what they do, as far as manual skills.  Second, now you know why cheap Pakistani knives won't hold an edge.  :lol: I bet we weren't supposed to see them grind the blade past blue after HT...


That said, somebody has provided them with excellent tooling. That rolling mill, for example, and the punch presses, rotary shears, and assorted other power stuff. I was impressed that everyone still had all their fingers and eyes, though.  Other safety note: do not try their etching process at home. 


I was wondering if the real Laguiole folks knew about this, and turns out they do. https://www.laguiole-french-knives.com/en/content/10-how-to-recognize-a-truth-laguiole-knife


Please note I am not making fun. These guys work hard and are very skilled. They've come from generations of metalworkers, after all.  They just can't afford all the safety stuff we take for granted, and lack a bit of the more technical metallurgical knowledge we have available.  Or just can't justify it at the price point they need to profit off this stuff. That's something we struggle with as well, unfortunately. 


I just though you guys would appreciate watching the operations, and be envious of the equipment. 


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