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What kind of steel would this be.

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I was given a press having several pancake hydraulic cylinders and 4” thick steel plates. The plates are 48” by 20” by 4” thick. The only use I have had for them has been as bases for small hammers (50 lbs ). As I down size I was spark testing some plate steel before selling them and to my surprise the heavy plates spark just like file steel. I have a call into Element labs for analysis  and am wondering if anyone uses a lab. For steel alloy testing. I hope to find out what alloy I am looking at. Thanks.

I will post a pic if requested.

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I have used Element (Wixom, MI), as well as IMR (Portland, OR).  I found that Element has more capabilities, but IMR is cheaper.  I have heard that Chicago Spectro is also a good and cheaper source, but have never used them myself.  Otherwise, I run samples on OES spectrometers at work.  Every job I've had since 2007 had come with access to at least 1 spectrometer, so sending out to labs was just for 3rd part certification, R&D, and calibration purposes.  

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