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Iron Smelting Workshop June 2024

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Iron Smelting Workshop: June 17-28, 2024.
Hey folks,
We still have space in our two-week smelting workshop in June. 
This will be a two week course from June 17-28th in Montana, USA, just outside Glacier National Park. If you don't know or haven't been, this is one of the more stunning areas of natural beauty in the country, and an inspiring place to wake up and work each day.
This is going to be an intensive and rewarding exploration of iron smelting. We will be making the iron age bloomery and smelting multiple varieties of ore. We will be exploring carburization and de-carburization using an Evenstad style furnace. We will be building and exploring the Catalan furnace. We will be making 1000+ pounds of charcoal using a large and impressive retort. We're going to work really hard and have fun. We're going for it, come join us!
This will be a physically intensive workshop. Space is limited. 
If you're interested or have any questions send me a message or go to the schools contact page here: https://www.newagrarianschool.org/







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