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What’s in Your Kitchen?

Aiden CC

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There have been a few threads here in past asking people to share knives of some kind or another they had made, and I figured I would try something like that since I thought those were always cool posts to look at. I would love to see what knives people have in their kitchen and hear a bit about them, since those are often the knives we use the most and there are so many different styles and options. I’ll start with the knives I currently cook with. 


My “kitchen set” has been something that has been evolving for a while. I like to use it as a way to try out different styles and techniques, since I can put them to them to the test. Last Fall I started the process of moving to Denmark and that was when I really focused on putting together a cohesive set that I could use for a while without changes or substitutions. Here they are all packed up. I may have gone a bit overboard knowing that I won’t have much time for knives the next few years. 


Here they are all together in the open. Still a blend of styles, but a bit more cohesive than what I’ve used before. 


Reasonably happy with my experiments in resin casting, I wanted a matching set and chose. I settled on these here: a bullnose butcher, two chefs, a bread knife, a boning/fillet knife, and a paring knife. These are a mix of AEB-L and MagnaCut, depending on what seemed best for the application. 


It wouldn’t have felt right to not have a few more “traditional” knives as well. A few single bevel knives for fish, though it’s expensive in stores here so I’ve really only been eating the ones I can catch. The two nakriris I made for my better half, though she definitely prefers the stainless one and the other doesn’t see much use. Finally, a sturdy South American style butcher, since I like to have at least one “beater” knife with a thick spine and edge for anything I wouldn’t want to use a thin 63 HRC knife for. 

That’s what I’ve been using, I would be curious to see what everyone else has in their kitchen!

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This is what I currently have in my kitchen, all made by me except for the third from the left.


From left to right: A 13.5" bread knife, a 13" left handed yanagiba, a nice k tip made by JJ Simon, a German pattern chefs knife I made for my roommate, a small bread/sandwich knife, a petty knife for my roommate, a petty knife that was my first try with AEB-L, a pokey paring knife, and a little letter opener. 



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Bob O


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I have a couple of pettys I made, but they're not great.  Bad handle geometry on one and a rusty hamon on the other.  But I also have and love this one: BB71D311-FA35-4EE8-9E5D-2110F08729E6.jpeg


Some guy named Aiden made it for Iron in the Hat last year and I won it. :lol:  That CPM Magnacut is no joke!  For such a big knife it acts like a laser.  


Sad to say my other kitchen knives are commercial ones.  


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Here are mine, I get to use the rejected knives that didn't make the cut.;)

I have one that turned out too soft, one with a cracked spine and one that was ground too thin.

I also recommend taking better care of your knives, these have a bit much ''patina''




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Posted (edited)

Not in my kitchen, but a client's wife works in a pro kitchen, and her first work knife wore out. It was replaced, and they asked me to rework this to extend its service life. Full regrind, reground bolster, back bevel, rounded spine, etc. And now with a shaving edge.










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Chef knife I brought home from a Burt Foster class after 1.5 years of use, next to antique 10" Dexter my wife inherited from her step dad who was a butcher before he started a TV repair business. 


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the top one was an trial piece that has been  altered a few times...... W2 blade was originally twice the width and thickness.... it got reforged and then mangled in my heat bath by a stirring wand...and then reforged into it's current shape... it has also has had a few different handles attached..... I just snapped the edge off by getting the edge stuck in the cutting board while battoning a bagel in half....lol

middle one is a bread knife made for my parents 30 years ago ......I hardly ever use it ......used to be 4 Inches longer... it got used as a pry bar by one of them ....lol

 the small paring knife was for my mother 35 years ago..... it suffered spin time in the garbage disposal  so the point was altered .....She was crushed that she had ruined it.... but then liked a new point more than the original ......it use it daily.....

My brother owns the Turkey Knife......used once a year...... it has two different pieces of Damascus with a 1095 core.....and so it warped like a banana ... I was able to straighten  it after pulling it out of the salt bath before is cooled to room temp...  


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Posted (edited)

Awesome knives, everyone! Nice to hear some stories and see some gracefully aging blades as well. 

@Bob Ouellette nice set! A lot of differ knifes but it feel over all that they belong together. 

Glad the knife is serving you well, @Alan Longmire! That blade was made along with my current long chef knife, though I’ve found myself using the smaller one more often in my tiny kitchen. 

For a while, my kitchen was also full of “reject” knives as well, but yours definitely look much nicer, @Pieter-Paul Derks

Very slick restoration @Eric Estlund! Bolstered chef knives have their advantages, but I’m sure it’s a challenge when reworking one that has seen a lot of use. Very cool to bring some new life to an old blade. 

@HSJackson nice knives! Definitely cool to have one with some history as well. 

@Dick Sexstone, it seems like those knives have been through a lot! My family is quite rough on knives, especially on my better half’s side, so I have already been doing some touch ups and imagine I’ll have some more in the future!

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It took a while for me to get around to taking some pics......

This is the counter. You can see the wood block from a set of Schrade knives that my wife purchased about 25 or so years ago. They are all some sort of stainless and are all serrated. These rarely get used except for cleaning and slicing fruit as I have yet to make a paring knife for myself. The Shrade bread knife does see a fair bit of use.




There are two that get a lot of use. The 9" chef I made in a class several years ago under @Matthew Parkinson is still my go-to for vegetables and general cooking. The smaller petty is one I made that didn't pass the "good enough to sell" test. This also gets heavy usage. Both are 1095. @Pieter-Paul Derks I like a nice patina on my carbon steel.




There is a drawer full of other knives and stuff. Pot handles, sharpening stones, the Shrade knives that got displaced, and a marble rolling pin.




Three knives in there get used quite a bit. From left to right:  This is stainless and used to process chicken. The cleaver (unknown carbon steel) that I was gifted 40 years or so ago by my best bud's mother. This gets used to process anything with bones and to split large blocks of cheese. The long and skinny one is my meat knife. Also unknown carbon steel and gifted to me by the same kind lady. It's great for creating a bunch of 1" thick chops from a pork loin, steaks from a rack, etc. Lay the knife on the loin sideways with the edge of the meat at the spine, tip the knife up, and slice.



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