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Yard Sale Treasure Found!!


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Well I have a bit of a habit of haunting yard sales...one never knows what you might find as far as old tools, chachkees , books or what ever and I came across this...


It looks to me to be a WWII dated Kat blade..has a very active Hamon...Nagasa length 26 3/8" some small "nail catcher" nicks on the edge..about 1/64" of the very end of the Boshi is gone...small areas of black rust here and there but nothing that is a blade killer...I "saved it" as the nice lady that was holding the yard sale said she wanted it gone  because her grandchildren were playing chop-socki ninja samurai with it.. So for the princely sum  of  25 Yankee dollars American it is now soaking in balistol to see how much of the black rust I can loosen up, if any...it doesn't appear to me to be that deep..... Other that that here are some photos..


Now I am not all that keen on Kanji but I think it is Asano Kanasane...with his Koikun/personal seal on the end of the tang.  From what I have been able to glean he was very active and is one of the better documented WWII era smiths.  As I understand it he made some  personal swords for high ranking officers and those were marked with his koikun and are considered traditionally made. He passed in 1988...


Can anyone help shed some light on this?  I am thinking that this one, even though a lot of collectors shun WWII era swords as "trash"..that this one may just be worth the lucre to get  good polish and shira siya or mount it as a gunto given its possible military lineage..  Any thoughts?


Not too bad a score I'd say..


JP (Call me treasure hunter) H



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If you wish to know the price of freedom..Visit a Veteran's Hospital...I am humbled by their sacrifice... 

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Plus you saved it from a couple of junior bush-ninja!  :lol:  I have seen a wakizashi of unknown age and an Ames model 1850 foot officer's sword that were reduced to sorry wrecks by such treatment. Little boys and decent swords don't mix without supervision.

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