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who are you?

Archie Zietman

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I was born in the late 60s, before the moon landing though. I've been a chemist and an archaeologist, a science teacher, and last fall I moved to Florida where I am now an assistant professor of education.


I get little enough practice forging, so that each time I make something, I seem to repeat some of the same mistakes I've already made. But it's still a lot of fun so I keep at it. The first time I used a coal forge was with Ric Furrer (thanks Ric!), way back when he was still an undergraduate.


I like Vikings and most of my forging ambitions focus on small seax-like objects. One day (soon, I hope) I'll be happy enough with my work to warrant getting a touch mark, and then I will post something I've made in these forums. When that happens, I may even switch to posting under my full name.



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You should use your real name anyway. It helps everyone else get to know YOU not your screen name. IMO it helps develop the community.

Bob O


"When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those who haze me. Oh, Lord, raise me to Thy right hand and count me among Thy saints."


My Website

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I suppose I should hop onboard too; when you see a community like this, you just have to be part of it.


I was born in Germany, and moved here to Canada when I was six. Currently, I'm finishing off highschool, and I've been quite addicted to bladesmithing for well over a year now. I've always had an interest in history, (one of the few who managed to stay awake dusing socials) and have always loved a good medieval movie. Perhaps after watching Lord of the Rings and Crouching Tiger, a few too many times, I started training with wooden swords around grade nine, and after gaining some skill there, I decided I needed a real sword to try out. I first began ambitiously in grade elevan, making a katana which turned out a bit questionably. (Never did post that on this site.) But, after a lot of studying of this site and other sources, I matured a bit and I keep gettting better at making all kinds of bladed weapons. I also the have the support of a good group of friends who shared the interest, and we all worked together to build and run our own forge. And while we waited for metal to heat, we would usually spar with wooden or even rebar swords. Still got a few marks on me from that rebar... heh heh. For a while, it was a weekly ritual to get together for forge gatherings.


As for the future, I'm looking to get into a machinist apprenticeship to keep me close to the metal, and maybe someday if my skills improve enough and I have a lot of money, I may try to make it as a full bladesmith.


Apart from that, I also enjoy a lot of writing; got a novel done just waiting to be sent off to a publisher, once I work up the guts. And I also enjoy art and listening to my very strange collection of music (mostly classical, but also everything from bagpipes, to gregorian chant, to arabic techno)

-- Sigi Baumann

Weyland's Apprentice Knives

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I keep looking over people's post and realize stuff that I forgot :wacko:


I was born in Vicenza, Italy on April 20, 1987. While my mom was working, I stayed in the care of our neigbors under the name of Robertino :ph34r: I enjoyed the attention I got from them quite a bit. I lived there for about a year and a half when my dad (then in the US Army) got transfered to Washington, DC. I was pretty lucky because every time my dad was transfered, it was to another base within a relatively close area. I was always the weird kid growing up, having a great interest in history and other things that most kids don't usually like. I remember trying to bake mud bricks in a hole that I had dug behind my parents house. That is where I received my first 2nd degree burn, from being stupid <_< . When I really got interested in knife making in middle school, everyone thought I'd end up burning down my house. Then you go and look at all then other stuff I did.


I thought I'd re-post my other sections here as well.


I am currently an art student at Northern Michigan University, studing blacksmithing and metalworking. I am planning on transfering to the American College of Building Arts in the fall to study archetectural ironworking. I have always loved history, studing a lot of the US Civil War in my early childhood.


I joined the Loudoun Border Guards Fife and Drum Corps when I was in the sixth grade. I currently play fife, Irish flute, D whistle, button accordion (just learning), and bodhrán (also still learning). It was through a performance that I did durring June of 1999 that I was first introduced to blacksmithing. My life changed much for the better thanks to my great friends and teachers, Anne and Cormac Quinn.


I am an active member of the Blacksmith's Guild of Central Maryland (when I'm home), a member of ABS, A member of the Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association, and a Member of ABANA. I am lucky enough to have parents that support my dreams of eventually blacksmithing/bladesmithing for a living. I have a working knowlege of stick and MIG welding. My brother is currently making electic guitars so between the two of us, we have a pretty impressive little shop. We share our tools (except my forging hammers). Some of the tools that we have recently aquired include a 6" jointer. Anyway, this isn't a shop description, so thats about all I can think of.

Bob O


"When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those who haze me. Oh, Lord, raise me to Thy right hand and count me among Thy saints."


My Website

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Reading other posts, I've decide mine was too brief, so some more about me. I guess first and for most I'm a student, I want to know everything (sound ambitious). After that I like making stuff, iron, wood, needle work. I play around with the dobro and guitar. dad played everything with strings and I guess that's where I got my fondness for music - preferable accoustic and if it don't speak to me I don't listen.


I'd rather be outdoors. I spend a year or so in one place then want to move again. If I can figure out how to eat while doing it, I build a gypsy wagon and get a team of mules.

I have been called strange and every synomym in the book, the one I like best came from a young lady who said I was "distinctive".


I prefer hand tools and old technologies. The modern world mostly leaves me cold. I like history but not names and dates - the stories. I have read up on mideival stuff espically the torture devices.


I am single - haven't found a woman all that interested in me. As far a women go, I have a thing for gothic chicks.


I am a voratious (sp) reader and read text books for fun. As far as fiction goes (yes) sci-fi and fantasy.



There may be more to follow If I think of something that screams to get posted.


Ron Payne

currently in the Wichita area of Kansas

Having watched government for some time, it has become obvious that our government is no longer for the people. If the current trend continues, it won't be long untill armed rebellion is required.

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I guess I'll jump in and post something about myself, even though I don't post very regularly.


I grew up in a very small town in Northern New York, up in the Adirondack Mountains. I grew up, not really realizing it at the time, having a very "outdoorsy" childhood--camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, chopping wood, etc. I left there after high school and went into the Air Force, going to the Air Force Academy in Colorado. I left there after 2 years since my vision wouldn't allow me to be the one thing I was there to be...a pilot. So I transferred to Syracuse University, where I met my wife, and finished my Bachelor's Degree--focusing more on said-wife than on said-degree.


I was lucky enough to be able to study abroad for nearly a year in Japan. Unfortunately, I wasn't yet interested in bladesmithing so I didn't look into visiting any bladesmiths while I was there.


I had a brief stint in the world of high finance on Wall Street, but nearly suffocated from the oppressive capitalism that fuels that place.


I'm currently living in Maryland, outside of Washington DC, and am working on a Ph.D. in medieval European history (specifically rural life of 14th and 15th century England). I sometimes teach classes on world civilizations or british history. I also work full time as an editor for my university's press and for an academic journal.


That's what keeps me busy and, sadly, away from the forge more than I would like.


I'd say that my interest in the past and in pre-modern societies is what drives my interest in blacksmithing. I have also always had a fondness for making things myself, from scratch, with as few aids as is feasible. Additionally, I feel that getting out and pounding hot steel into recognizable shapes and using hand tools keeps me tied to my blue collar roots and helps keep me grounded while I brave the world of the Ivory Tower. I hope to be able to someday teach a basic blacksmithing class for whatever university I find myself teaching at, in addition to teaching history (I see them as connected).


I've only been blacksmithing, with blades being the bulk of what I have crafted, for only two years off and on. But once I get settled somewhere I hope to build my own shop and be able to forge on a more regular basis.

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I figured it was about time I said something about myself here.


I am Oz/Martin/Jac/Dad depending on who I'm talking to. I'm 32 and have had more jobs than I can remember. In no particular order I have done the following for money.


Bricklayer, Roofer, Barman, Cleaner, Cook, Shelfstacker, Doorman, Writer, Teacher (adult education), Nurse, Orthopaedic Technician, Pest Control technician, Insurance Negotiator, Pewterer, Bladesmith, Martial Arts Insrtuctor, Web designer, Company Director


The list goes on but you get the idea...


These days I work part time as a Nurse in London (UK) and part time on other projects, mainly the forge but I also import Martial Arts swords to the UK (as a director of Countercut). I first learned to forge at a medieval re-enactment event in Belgium many years ago. The armourer there showed me as long as I promised never to ruin my life by doing it for a living. I now know what he meant.


I have a beautiful daughter who is 9 years old and forged her first blade recently. I am engaged to be married (some time next year we are thinking) and I am horrifically short of cash. I could earn significantly more if I got a proper job but I know I hate them so I am happy doing what I do. Sammie, my fiancee is very supportive but she is qualified as a Doctor and earns money selling beads online so she understands the desire to never have a proper job again. :)


I also hang out at Swordforum and have the joy of moderating the Bladesmith's cafe which just goes to show how standards have slipped over the years ;)


When I grow up I'd like to be Jake Powning...



Happiness is waiting there in front of you. Only you can decide whether or not you choose to experience it. Take this to heart. - Toshitsugu Takamatsu


English Martial Arts

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The armourer there showed me as long as I promised never to ruin my life by doing it for a living.




When I grow up I'd like to be Jake Powning...




Weird, the same thing was told to me when I was allowed to forge my first blade :lol: .


I think that position is already taken. Now if that position were to suddenly open... :unsure: I'm just kidding of course, Jake is awesome :ylsuper:

Bob O


"When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those who haze me. Oh, Lord, raise me to Thy right hand and count me among Thy saints."


My Website

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Full Time Loss Prevention Manager for a Major Retailer in So. Calif. It's fun. It confirms that people really are idiots sometimes.

I grew up a post hippie fire bug and count myself lucky I still have my eyesight and all fingers. I have 3 good knife scars. All on the left hand. 1 from climbing a citrus tree with an open knife (I was 5 y/o). 1 cut with a Gerber thru the web of my hand (by a drunk fellow Marine overseas). 1 Nice burn from a blade under construction (I was 45 y/o).

Always liked knives and owned many. Got into this about 8 mo. ago as a theraputic stress reliever. Play with fire, beat on stuff and make knives. I'll stop when I can't do it any more or it's no longer fun. I play Didgeridoo, have kids, love to camp and fish.

I enjoy my solitude and would be happy living in a dirt hut in the desert. I don't need much.

Be mindful

Practice kindness

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Was born in Washington, DC in 1976 and raised in the DC 'burbs where I stayed until about 6 months ago when I moved to PA. I've been a computer geek of some type or another since I was 4 and that's what pays the bills. Oddly, it was working with computers which led me to blacksmithing (which in turn is leading me to bladesmithing). I got tired of staring at a glowing box, wiggling my fingers all day and feeling no sense of tangible accomplishment at the end of the day. I wanted to work with metal and figured that there was no better way to start than at the beginning, so blacksmithing it was.


Now I work for the weekend so I have time to work on projects at the house. Theoretically, in a few months I'll have a real nice building to turn into a shop so I'm not stuck forging in the driveway in the cold :)



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Hey, Blaine, next time you come to a full moon hooraw, bring your didge!

"I'm not anti-gun. I'm pro-knife." Molly Ivins

NT Limpin' Cat Prokopp

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born in 1970 and alway liked knives.... Dad had this swept up western skinner with aluminum bolster and pommel....it had a stacked handle (from his uncle mike)

-- i remember diggin it out of the back of the closest ...(when no one was looking) to take a peek at it.... had abit of patina on the blade but so sweet !

- and loved knives ever since

-grew up with a bb gun and a pocket knife.... nothing better than sitting at the creek on a hot day, taken some shots at whatever floats by....


-had to grow up sooner or later...... so i went to college.... for a good edumakation

-have a certificate for correction service worker, heavy e mechanic, heavy mine mechanic, a year of college x and university x.... finally got a BSc in anthropology

-- yes... overly educated ... and still want to go back to it (would love to be a grad student just have been given the opportunity)


got into blade smithing when i saw my friend, Trevor do some forging in his back yard..I started out, trying to forge blade outa mild in a charcoal forge.. hah.. . after hanging out with Trevor and watching him work with his brake pot forge... I got my chance to try out coal and get some tips on forging...... its been awhile, and i can still close my eyes and see the coked coal glowing and bathing the iron in heat..

- anyhow...one day Trevor showed me a blade mag... and leafed through the pic's.... I had no idea knives could be so nice


have to confess... that is when i saw one of Don's knives... i can't remember which one it was (cause it was Trevor's blade mag and he wouldn't part with it) ...but for that little bit of time i saw it.... I realized that i wanted to make knives like this... it was a fond moment

-bout a year later... we got our first computer and that opened a whole new world of knife making info, and pictures


- built a forge when i was in university.... did lots of ironwork...

- met my sweet heart.... she moved out to halifax for school so i left my forge to move out east with her..

- last thursday .... i asked her to marry me........ and she said " YES "

- atm i work in the mental health field


Honestly... i still look at don's knives... they are much nicer now and i'm still just as far away from making one that nice


have mercy on me


Greg ;)

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- met my sweet heart....    she moved out to halifax for school so i left my forge to move out east with her..

- last thursday .... i asked her to marry me........ and she said  " YES "

- atm i work in the mental health field





Happiness is waiting there in front of you. Only you can decide whether or not you choose to experience it. Take this to heart. - Toshitsugu Takamatsu


English Martial Arts

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I feel like I have become a lurker on my own forum and thought this would be a good time to reintroduce myself.


I started smithing in 1976 partly because I had time on my hands and mostly because it looked interesting. I had a friend, Peter Happny, who ran a blacksmith shop at a restoration village nearby and he put me to work. I would man the shop when Peter was out of town and during one of those sessions I met Jimmy Fikes. We became friends and not long after we discovered the custom knife world.


Jimmy and I did our first knife show in Birmingham, Alabama in 1979. I didn't sell anything at that show, but it marked the start of my professional knifemaking adventure. By 1981, I had partnered up with Murad Sayen and started making Kemal knives. It was the equivalent of jumping off the deep end, but we survived and soon found our voice with the knives. There was so much to learn about bladesmithing that I was lucky to be able to focus strictly on the blades and Murad concentrated on the handles. We had a ten year run and in that time made some pretty nice knives. It was like catching a wave and it was fun. When the run was over we knew it and parted good friends.


We moved to Alabama in 1991 and I shared a shop with Jimmy Fikes for a while. It wasn't long after that I started going up to Jim Batson's for his backyard hammer-ins. Through Jim I met a whole new network of good friends and great smiths.


I won't kid you, bladesmithing has been a hard life. You have to know and be good at a whole slew of business skills just to survive and in today's culture it is nearly impossible to make a living with your hands, but there are other rewards. In a very real sense, I have been able to forge a life that suits me and it has made my life rich.


The craft is as challenging today as it was when I first started. It never gets easier, you are always walking on the edge, but because there is always more to learn, it has never been boring.


I am grateful that so many others are excited by the craft and that we can gather and share information, help others learn and appreciate our efforts. I read all your posts here and respond when I have the time and have something to add. I just wanted to thank you all for enriching my life.

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Don Fogg

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Alright,... after all of you seem to answer here, and don did make it too I somehow feel I should contribute my bits here as well :P


Wanted Dead or Alive: :ph34r:


Daniel Gentile


(Yours truly on the karakoram highway, 2001)


born in switzerland, 1980 , holder of an italian passport, with miserable italian language skills... ( I understand it almost fluently but can't really speak any)


Last known residence: Zurich, switzerland


5' 9", at 170lbs


Reward... Well nothing.. ;) (well, if the "finder" is female, within my age range, open minded, beautiful and can live with a bladesmith and travel-addict, you can keep me! :P )




I started bladesmithing approx. 8 or nine years ago... in my backyard, as most of us.


A lifelong fascincation for the steel that cuts... be it a knife or a sword I just loved it.

and somehow I had this wish to create my own swords...

my background and earliest connection with the swords started with my introduction to the martial arts at the age of five... I later learned how to handle various edged weapons, and the sword has ever since deeply "gripped" me.


At times I have been working full time, sometimes "80%"... at the moment it's more like 20-30%. which is quite a bit less than I would like. hoping to increase the percentage ammount in a few months again...


I have made an aprenticeship as Computer Specialist (don't ask... stupid me),... on one side I am lucky to have the skills, which come in handy in "our modern times", on the other hand I really don't like sittin' in fron of a computer all day long nor doing office jobs.

I actually hate office work... but that is one of the things I have to change in my life, I just need to. it has become kind of a "personal crusade" to get rid of the Office Job.


Well besides Bladesmithing and hating-my-office-job I just love to cook (mostly southern chinese & italian stuff), read books, love music (trying to play guitar... but I'm constantly better at building e-guitars as with playing them ;) ), photography, good art :)...

but one of my most "feared" passions if my travellers-lust... I L.O.V.E. backpacking, serious travelling off the beaten pathes...


do a lot of sports,.. and still after more than two decades my passion still is with the martial arts (today mostly wing chun kung fu)... and running... no I don't do any competitions or marathons (not really) but just a bit of trail running on my "local hill and forest area"... a bit of biking, rock climbing & bouldering... sometimes (rarely these days) scuba diving...


I try to avoid the human mass. no I'm not shy (those who know me can support this I guess ;)), but a "bit" sociophobic at times... but the funny thing is I know quite a few bladesmiths who actually prefer to work on their own, and avoid the crowds... seems to be quite common in this craft :)


And as don said, bladesmithing is a tough business, not because of competition I believe but because it is hard to earn a living from the arts.

And I'm not a good salesman (trying to improve) and my business skills, well, I prefer not to call them skills ;)... (unfortunatly).


For me the first moment I picked up the hammer and lit the fire of a forge has been a moment I actually never forgot,... strange as it may sound (and I'm not the esotheric type) it was like something old, something very touching, gates to an old forgotten path...

I just knew I had to keep on going, light the fire over and over again, to slowly reveal it's secrets.


What I truly love about the work is the solitude, the silence in midst of the noise.

The meditative work, yet tough and sweaty it can be.

The precision to be achived with hands.


It is very rewarding. Actually it once almost broke me financially, due to a bad time, some mistakes and other misshappenings at the same time... and it took me almost three years to recover (it's really looking better now again)... but I never could have stopped... something was "driving me on" like mad. I just needed to do it.

it is one of the things which have been a bright part of my life, even in dark times.


too difficult for my skills with words it is, to describe why and what is it about this craft which fascinates me, drives me on, feeds my soul. but it is. Just something I "need" to do.


I've had many different "jobs" (including some kitchen work, assembling air-plane kitchenunits, industrial forging, welding, construction site, a good dozen different computer jobs, Teaching IT-Classes, aso.) over the years, but it just does not really work, and I usally never managed to stay more than a year at one job (most of the times quite a bit less actually). and either was kicked or left on my own.

It usually works until one dude tries to "order" me to do something instead of "asking" me kindly... <_<


The freedom and solitude at the forge is for me a "gift" of unmeasurable value.

FERRUM - Daniel Gentile

custom knives & forging classes


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Maybe it is time for the other Swiss on this forum to introduce himself <_<


I was born in 1980 in a small city called Morges near the lake Leman in the french part of Switzerland. Just figure out were Geneva is, that's not far away...


My profession is Media assistant in a communication agency. I work in this branch since 4 years and I'm about to finish a communication training and look forward to have a normal life again. Making knives, meeting knifenuts friends, organizing hammerins etc... well life !!!!



I started making my first blades around 5-6 years ago.

My father has a nice workshop in the basment and younger, I used to hang around doing silly stuff and misuse all the antique tools available.

Later when I had hand craft lessons at school, I started to make wood sculpture and various objects at home. I think I first got the idea to forge when I had huge problems to find affordable wood working tools.


The best way was to make them myself. Like many of you, it started in a truck wheel drum with reverted vacuum. I improved my tools and skills since then and never lost an occasion to go in the shop. (even if it is sometimes very unproductive)


My father got the bug and is now the specialist for folding knives. I produce the raw material damascus and make blades/straight knives and he makes the mechanism and design.


This hobby became soon a passion but I never wanted to make a living out of it. I don't have Daniel's skills and balls to enter such business :notworthy: :notworthy:

All benefits are re-invested in better tools and so on. The shop will be extended this summer and hopefully much more efficient :)


Thank you for all the passion you drive through the forum and may the worldwide bladesmith community develop itself in a good constructive mood B)



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Let's see. I'm a retired school teacher who decided to retire

when a student asked me if I remembered having a certain student

years before. Yup, I did, and her response was "that's my

grandmother" In the immortal words of Groucho Marx,

"Hello, I must be going" :wacko:


I live in Coventry, CT, the home of Nathan Hale, the patriot spy.

My folks moved here after WWII and I've been here in the same

place ever since. It's easy to get stuck in small town America.


Made my first knife when I was 12 out of an old power hacksaw

blade. Didn't make much else for many years as I was dedicated

to woodworking. When I retired I decided to try knifemaking again

and took the ABS Introductory course in Old Washington.

A great time was had by all, and I passed my Journeyman's blade

test under the instruction of Roger Massey and Jim Walker, two

really fine instructors.


Got home, sold one of my motorcycles :( and started buying tools

and supplies. :) I built a lean-to type of building off my wood-

working shop and I'm setting up there. I've a well supplied shop, but

I've been collecting tools of all types for 40 years or more.


Fortunately, my wife, an artist and a school counselor, supports

all my efforts including spending money on tools and such. She's

taking an engraving course this summer with the Glendo folks in

Emporia, KS. I'm looking forward to her embellishing some of my knives.


That's kinda who I am.



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Interesting thread ... :D


I am an editor and writer for the Internet department of a large outdoor retail chain. I was born in 1978 and raised in Humansville, Missouri. I went on to join the Marine reserves after high school and played a little college soccer at a little university in Kansas.


After changing schools a few times and doing my reserve time, I ended up here in Springfield, Missoui (southwestern part of the state) and ended up working here.


I started knifemaking a little more than three years ago and I still don't know where it'll take me. :D

Michael Burch

Part-Time Knifemaker




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  • 2 weeks later...

I was born on Feb. 22 1959 in Atlanta Georgia. I have worked in the electric supply business for 20 plus years. I make knives on the side for the fun and challenge of it. It's an honor to meet all of you. :D

Edited by cricket
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I'm a Texas Aggie. I guess I realy should stop there....but as a texan, we like to talk about ourselves too much!


I'm a husband and father of two boys, both of which love watching "daddy's volcanos" in the shop. Luckily I live out in the boonies a bit and can hammer to my heart's content without disturbing anyone but the possum who calls my shop "home". I dabble in building 14th-15 century replica black-powder weapns in .50-2.00" bores. Every now and then we've been known to make a 2.6" one which will fire a beer can.


My favorite blades are the Viking, Saxon and related blades. I collect originals as well...when I can afford it. I have a few dozen small ones as well as some axe heads. I plan on finishing my smelting furnace sometime this summer and have 2+ tons of iron oxide to reduce to iron. I also make armour for the various medieval groups.


My *real* job is a consulting health physicist (radiation protection engineer). I used to be one of the radioactive materials managers for the Texas A&M University system as well as serving on the campus and county haz-mat response team. I'll be finishing my PhD in nuclear engineering this Summer.


My friends say I have a dark, warped sense of humor. I tend to agree. :P


Nice to meet y'all!

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Hi, all!


I was born on a cold and dark December day in 1980 in Tromsø, Northern Norway where I have lived ever since. I've had the privilege to grow up close to nature in a part of the world that's constantly under the influence of the changing of the seasons and the legends and magic of the ancient times. When I was 16 I suffered a knee injury and found out I needed something to keep me occupied since my hobby, karate, was out of the question for the time. I've always been interrested in knives so I bought myself a book, some tools and a couple of factory made blades. In 1999 I convinced my handy man dad to weld me a cole forge so I could make my own blades, with a few good books and couple of tips from a local bladesmith I discovered what has come to be my fanatic passion. My friends probably find me a bit wierd and people I've just met can find me scary if they get me to talk about bladesmithing (still hanven't found a bladesmith pick up line that works :P ). Last December I graduated from my local university with a masters degree in geophysics and I am currently seeking work as a geophysicist.

A very proud Say-Mak owner :D


My YouTube channel



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Paul Lemasters

Born 21 January 1960 Wetzel County WV.

Graduated high school 1978-worked for 3 years as a timber cutter, 6 years in a state mental hospital(not as a patient) former FFL holder/gunshop owner, love to shoot and reload, predator trapping as a winter hobby. Been certified as an EMT/Paramedic since 1978, worked full-time as a paramedic from 1986-2001, currently work full-time as a 911 dispatcher, and part time as a paramedic. Still amassing all the gear to begin building a forge and starting to pound out blades. Divorced father of two great kids living with me at home, Christopher Allen, 18, going to Glenville State College this fall, and Corena Irene, will be a junior in high school this fall. My foray into the magical world of bladesmithing will be a slow one, working two jobs, and being Mr. mom and Mr. dad at the same time doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Sorry for the long ramble.......enough about me. This forum, and the many contributors are one of the best sites I have found. :You_Rock_Emoticon:

Common sense ain't very common these days

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