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My mother would put me out on the back porch with some boards ,nails sting and a hammer when I was 4ish or so to get me out of her hair....... I would spend hours in my own little world........ I haven't gone much farther than that......... I have more tools but I stll like to get lost in my own little world.......

I bought my first anvil in 71...... I made some hinges for a wall cabinet cuase it was a weird shape and there weren't any comercial hinges that would work........shorty after that I got to watch Frank Turley from Santa Fe NM demonstrate at the School for Amerian Craftsman in Rochester NY....... I was floored........ Frank took a bunch of coat hangers and welded them one end together making a horeshoe out of one end with the other end still coat hangers.......AND he taught tool steel also.......I was hooked......... just a hammer and no sandpaper!!!!!!!

"F--ing A"

By the late 70's I had become the resident blacsmith a Peters Valley Craft school in Layton NJ..... I got exposed to a lifetimes worth of knowledge much of which I'll never have time to explore.......I fallowed my forge were ever it took me till I would up putting down roots here in Vermont .......... who am I besides a bladesmith? Guitar builder and player.......I made all my own plane & blades and tooling to carve arch tops.......I am music lover........ mostly blues and Jazz...... I'm not sure which I like more. listening and forging.or forging and listening.......I do have an intermitnet part time job doing fabrication/ repair work at a rubber factory...........It provides me with enough cash flow that I can make what I damn well please.......I had done smithing for a living but it took the fun out of it after a while so now I let someone else worry about all that stuff and I just collect my pay .......and I am back to fun with my life.......In a what are you going to be when you grow up 4th grade essay ( that my mother kept) I wrote that I wanted to live on a mountain with evergreen trees and no amenities...... Now 50 years latter I'm a half mile back in the woods in a stand of Hemlocks on a hillside and off the grid......... I have solar power so I skipped the no amenities part ha ha ha

This Site is like coming home........ Here Is to Don for providing the shelter........ HIP HIP..........

OH........... and I am Dick......... I only use Richard to get thru the door.......( " open the door richard .don't close it on me dick") I hate richard cause the only time I got called that was when I did something wrong ha ha ha .......

and a first name of Dick and a last name of Sexstone I get left out by spam filters........ I don't know why? ha ha ha


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I live in South Africa and I manage safety, health and environment for a company that makes die-forged aluminium parts for motor vehicles. Our forge is 2 stories tall and pumps out one part every 3 se

Hey yall. Just joined, figured I'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm new to bladesmithing, but its something that I've always felt has been coming for me. My day job is as a tanker driver in the

When I'm not beating on metal I baby-sit 25 attorneys. I'm the records and facilities manager for the firm. I have a 16 year old autistic son who is my pride and joy. I have happily passed down my fam

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I was born on my birthday as a small child, then I grew up and hope someday to die. Haha


I'm 20, soon to be 21. I grew up in Appleton, WI, and will be living there again real soon. As of now I take residence with my beautiful girlfriend in San Juan, puerto rico, before which we lived a half mile from Walt Disney World, Florida. I will be starting my freshmen year at U.W. Fox Valley for biology, education, art, writing, metalurgy, and Spanish this fall and I can't wait.

I have been interested in 3 things all my life: girls, science, and swords. I now have the greatest girlfriend in the world, a forge to make my swords, and I hope to teach high-school science for a living.

I'm an anime geek in every sence and an amityre inventer, now working on a wind-turbine powered car. My greatest dream is to have my comics published and be as skilled at metalworking as many of you here are.


Wow. Long post.

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I'm a dad, a husband, a writer, an ice cream man, an inventor, and a wannabe smithy. I grew up on a turkey farm, spent some years as a newspaperman, invented a game that never went big-time, and have done many other things along the way. I love to camp, canoe, build things, and learn new stuff of all kinds. I'm 44 years old and I live in Minnesota, just east of St. Paul.


I've only been involved in knifemaking for a couple of months and have an unbelievable amount to learn. This place seems like the place to do it. I've yet to attempt any kind of bladework. So far, it's handles and sheaths for me, but I intend to take this interest all the way to the forge, over time.

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I got my first knife when I was about three or four. My parents had dropped me off at some strangers house and ran off to Hawaii to make a picture called, Wake of the Red Witch. My new brother gave me a knife to shut me up and it was my prize possession. I don't think I've been without one since.


I'm a has-been. A former Air Force Combat Controller. A former Station Officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. A former California Game Warden, and during this time I had one of my many mid-life crises and re-enlisted in the Air Force Reserve where they gave me an M-60 machine gun, and let me shoot it!


As a retired Game Warden I still work part time with the Departments biologists capturing deer and bighorn sheep. I travel to the wildlife areas in the Eastern Sierra Region and make sure all is well.


I'm not very good at making knives, yet, but I've been an active professional outdoorsman for over 40 years and have depended heavily on the use of them.


My wife and I have raised two kids, a handfull of dogs, too many horses, goldfish in the water troughs and field mice that keep me company in the shop.


Thirty-six years in law enforcement taught me not to trust my fellow man. This forum is changing that.


I was scared to death of retirement but bladesmithing is keeping me so busy that I don't know how I ever had time to work.

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Me? I'm a failure. I wanted to be a knifemaker/bladesmith and ended up a business guy. My recent re-dedication to the craft is my attempt to save my soul from eternity in the hell of board meetings.


I wanted to be a knifemaker more than anything in the world when I was 17. I spent all my spare time doing nothing but making knives and swords during my latter high school years. I made some pretty cool stuff, I think. I had the cover of the annual _Knives_ publication with Don's Kemel Falcon blade (http://www.dfoggknives.com/falcon.htm) taped to my parent's garage wall (which served as my shop at the time). It was a real inspiration. I forged a few pretty nice damascus knives in the late 80's, a bunch of single steel blades and started to hit my stride as a smith. Then I went to college and got lost.


I grew up in a small Alaskan village called Cordova. Me and my family were commercial fishermen. Hell, my parents still ARE commercial fishermen. We had a lot of shop tools for working on our fishing equipment when I was young. I read the Lord of the Rings in Junior High and wanted a sword pretty bad, so my Dad (coolest guy in the Universe) handed me a chunk of spring steel and a hand grinder and said "So make one." I did. It really sucked, but it was long and sharp, and by God, that was good enough for me. Start addiction here.


I made a lot of crappy blades between 14 and 15. I got a copy of David Boye's book when I was 16 and it was like a epiphany. I made some stuff I'm pretty darn proud of in my latter teenage years. Worked a few Renaissance fairs, etc.


Then, as many, I got caught up in life. Lost my way a bit. Got a handful of degrees, two undergraduates in Business and English Lit. An M.A. in English Lit and most of a Ph.D. in English (what they call an ABD . . . All But Dissertation . . . happens a lot actually).


I ended up as a term professor at Georgetown University in DC. Let me tell you something: Growing up in Alaska then moving to DC is like living on the Serengeti then being forced to live in solitary confinement. I hated it. I *HATED* it. Washington DC = Hell IMHO.


I ended up back in Alaska running the University of Alaska's Distance Education department. Then I got into the private sector with a buddy and ran a company doing on-line training for various business elements.


Fast forward a few years: I got into Federal contracting. I started a company doing live and virtual training for the Military.


I'm now the CEO of a company doing the same thing. I started it from scratch a few years ago. Last year we did $40M in gross revenues and trained over 20k Marines and Soldiers on insurgent techniques and Arabic culture. We also have a software engineering company, an aviation company and an electronic manufacturing company. If you're interested you can find links to the various companies my firm owns at http://www.katmaicorp.com


But that's just the day job. I'm working on becoming what I really wanted to be when I grew up: A Bladesmith.


Don, thanks for hosting this forum. It's become an important part of my life.





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Hmm, This one is tougher than it looks.


I was an infant in Portland, Oregon where I was born. I was a child who was loved by two great parents and who spent an inordinate amount of time on the local rivers, and in the local woods, fishing, hunting, camping, water skiing, etc.... As a young adults I was a hard core hunter, fisher, mountain climber, backpacker, etc.... In college (first try) I was a lazy bum who played more than studied and decided to go to work full time. During this phase I was a very unhappy guy who after four years of working for idiots decide I had to go back to school so I could work for people who were smarter than I was. Note : College does not make you smart at all! It just makes you more educated. I still ended up working for idiots from time to time. After graduating, I was married, joind the Army National Guard, worked as a Civil Engineer, and kept up all the hobbies.


A few years later I was divorced, fighting in Iraq, and questing for who I was, and who I wanted to become both emotionally and spiritually. Once I came home I was a man who couldn't find himself or what feeling safe and sound was. Forward a few years and I am now an incredibly happy man, with a wonderful wife, two fabulous step daughters, I have found peace and safety both emotionally and spiritually. I have passed thru the dark valley and found Shangri La.


So to get to the real question. I am a happy, complete man who is now a hunter, fisher, gather, with a steady day job, a wonderful family, a fishing guide business, a serious blacksmithing addiction. Throw in the constant desire to improve my self, love my family, and find happiness in everything that life brings my way, I am also an incredibly busy guy who appreciates that every moment I have to spend on this earth. Every day is a blessing and purchased by those I served with and particularly those that didn't come back. One of them is why I am here today.


Clay Walker

Ragnarok Forge

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I see I've not added my contribution here yet, so here it goes. I'm 33 years, living in the Netherlands. I'm an aerospace engineer, currently working mainly for Airbus. I've been priveledged to work on some very unique projects before, including the Ariane 5 launcher, satellites, ITER nuclear fusion program etc. My goal in life is to find the coolest things there are, and then do them. So far that has been pretty successful:)


As far as I can remember, I've been fascinated by old things, and things made from metal. About 7-8 years I got seriously interested in old things made from metal, in particularly from the bronze age, when those things were first being made. Actually, my interest started earlier then that. One key moments were a visit with school to the National Museum of Antiquities. We visited the Egyptian collection, Roman collection which were are really nice, but no more then that. What really deeply touched me was the prehistoric collection of my country. Fast forwarding to when I was 18, I visited the Army Museum, at first to have a look at late medieval swords. However, then I saw for the first time bronze age swords. Swords made 1500BC! I had no idea that anything like that existed. Not only that, they were very strange, made of bronze rather then steel, and very weird yet fascinating in shape. That was a true eye opener to me, as it changed my whole view of prehistoric man. Then in the next cabinet I saw for the first time a patternwelded sword. I had no idea what patternwelding was, but I was truly captivated by the pattern in the steel. To this day that's still my most favorite patternwelded sword, of which I will someday have a reproduction. Fast forwarding to 2002, I finally started doing something with my interest in prehistoric times. I started reading books, and before I knew I got involved in Archeon, a living history center. There I saw a bronze caster melting bronze, on the floor, using no more then a hole in the ground filled with charcoal and some leather bellows. I was addicted instantly. That's what I had to do, I build my own equipment, and I've been doing that since, trying to redevelope the oldest metalworking techniques and showing as many people as possible what fascinates me so much regarding the bronze age. I've now got a pretty huge amount of knowledge regarding the bronze age worldwide, in particular regarding sharp bronze thingies.


Alongside I've also started forging. Next to the bronze age, I also got more and more interested in the early medieval period. Particularly in saxes I've got a huge interest. One reason that spearheaded my interest in saxes is the complete lack of faitful reproductions. The more I've learned about them, the more aversion I got to the crude blades stuck in antler that were being handed off as saxes in the living history world. So the more I became driven to try to gather and spread information, and push people to make these fascinating artifacts as well as learning to make them myself. So far I've got a few broken back saxes and a langsax on my bench (still need to develope a period glue to glue the blades into the hilts). As soon as I've got my early medieval smithy put together in Archeon, I'll be continuing further on making more as accurate reproduction saxes as possible.


However in the mean time I've got an even more important project at hand, which is to make a bunch of reproductions of bronze age swords, which will be part of an archeological research project. This has been a dream since I first started, so I'm really excited. A week ago I was allowed to hold several real early bronze age swords in my hands and study them in close detail (taking loads of photos of course!), as well as half of the bronze age casting moulds from my country.


Well, that's me in a nutshell :)

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Alright I'm still a new guy here but what the heck, I'll post myself on here.


Born on a cold November morning 1990, grew up with a desire of blades, archery and all things of that old age. Got my first folding knife at age 12, got a sharpening stone with it, I've been lost in blades ever since.


I just finished my college course, and have a certificate in Artist Blacksmithing (Best schooling ever, I get edumacated in blacksmithing!) I made about four knives there and I've been dying to do more.


My plan is to go to Warwhickshire College and get a diploma in Artist Blacksmithing (two year course.) And I want to eventually open my open shop to do Bladesmithing of all type, I want to learn all types of weaponry including spears, axes, knives, swords. I also want to get into Bowyering (Is that how it's spelt?) and Fletching.


So. I basically love Smithing and I can't find anything else I can do for the rest of my life even though I'm stuck do other jobs right now.


Hammers and Anvils forever!

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I don't know if this is the right place to introduce myself but here I go anyway. My name is Samantha and I have been making knives for almost 8 years now and I would like very much to become part of this forum. I want to post some pics of my latest work but I can't seem to figure out how to :wacko:/> I'm not that good with computers.

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I don't know if this is the right place to introduce myself but here I go anyway. My name is Samantha and I am 24 years old and I have been making knives for almost 8 years now and I would like very much to become part of this forum. I want to post some pics of my latest work but I can't seem to figure out how to :wacko: I'm not that good with computers.


Hi Samantha. Welcome to the forum.


To post photos, click "New topic" button just like you did to create this message.


Under the window in which you type your message, click the "Browse" button.


A window will pop up that lets you browse your computer's hard drive. Use it to select the photo you want to upload.


After you've selected it and clicked the "Open" button on the window, click the green "Upload" button next to the browse button.


Tah dah! Image uploaded.


One important thing to know is that it is considered rude to upload really big images. Don Fogg hosts and pays for this forum, and he pays more for higher bandwidth/storage use. Uploading photos that are too big costs him $.


Re-size your images to no more than 800 pixels wide.


If you need help with re-sizing images, you can send me a personal message. To do that, click on my name above my photo to the left and choose "send message."


Again, welcome aboard.



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Well, I have been interested in swords since I was a kid. When I was a teenager we ( my friends and I) would make wooden swords and beat the hell out of each other with them. I would spend hours and hours shaping a piece of wood and wood burning designs into it only to have it break on me a few days later, but I loved it. I was so interested in making swords that I wrote Phil Hartsfield a letter asking him to apprentice me. He wrote me a nice letter declining and wished me luck. Well this was before the age of information and I wasn't bright enough to think about looking at a library for info so I gave up before I got started. I was a plumber/heat and air tech for 11 years, I gamed for most of the last 20 years of my life, I worked at GNC for three months got promoted to Manager worked another 9 months and quit to move away for 2 weeks (don't ask), I went to Full Sail for Game Design and Programming, realized I should have taken computer animation, dropped out of college, became a personal trainer for a short time, didn't understand why my body composition wasn't changing when I was eating right and exercising 6 days a week ( found out later that I have had low testosterone most of my life). I built duct work for a heat and air company for a while, worked in a beverage factory for a while, did some roofing, did some carpentry, joined the military got injured ( non- combat, during training ). I am currently disabled a stay at home dad/ aspiring swordsmith. I look back and think... If only I would have put half of the money and energy into learning bladesmithing I could be making great things by now. But I am very happily married to a woman who puts up with me and supports this crazy hobby/ life's passion that I have. I just found a great new scrapyard to play in and I have a stick welder that I need to figure out how to use and practice with ( Let the fun begin). I am still setting up my shop and building/ buying stuff that I need for it. Uhm besides that I aspire to create works of beauty and art that are usable tools as well. I look forward to this very long journey and look forward to sharing may creations with you other cool peoples. I can't count how many times I thanked the gods for this Website. Thank you Mr. Fogg.

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Guest hawk_shaman

I'm new here. Love the site and the opportunity to learn. I go by "hawk_shaman" for continuity sake, as I am on other sites by that handle. If you prefer, my name is John.

Originally from NE Ohio, I have moved around a lot and am currently in North Carolina. I'm a former journalist, tattoo artist, corporate manager, florist, bartender, horticulturist, too many others to list. I get itchy feet (it's the Finn in me). So, I do what I wish to accomplish and move on to the next challenge.

I am currently a stay-at-home dad and artist. I work in acrylics; carve wood and ivory; make polymer sculpture; sew leather; utilize assorted animal parts, and make Native American regalia. I enjoy fishing, archery and the outdoors.

I am now trying my hand at knives and hawks because it serves to feed my addiction for edged weaponry and should be another outlet for my artistic ideas. I do not know what will come from my forge, but I can guarantee it will all be unique.

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Who am I? Hard question. I do not fully understand that yet. I am 23, in two days sadly I will be 24, and I have my bachelors degree in Archeology and Physics. Currently, I am working for an internet company to make ends meet between different research trips to the UK and other parts of northern Europe to gather information for my masters and future PhD quest. I have two focuses, which are far apart in their disciplines, one being the progression of the blade from 2,000bce to 1500 ce in northern Europe. Comparing the quality of the blades to what different tribes were in the area, economics, world trade...too much stuff too think about right now while sleepy haha, and my other focus is cataloging and decrypting dead Celtic and endo European languages. The original European tribes and the Celts that came alone had very few known examples of language pre 1000bce. So its my job to dig it up, analyze it and see if I can make heads or tails out of it from using other languages that were known around the area...again too much to talk about here in my current state. Its my passion and soon I hope to actually be making real money doing it.


Where am I from...hmm...everywhere. I moved about 40 times before I was 20. I was born in Tulsa but have no ties to any piece of land other than that of my ancestors homelands of northern Europe.


Ever since I was a little child my father had always read to me the histories of our ancestors and their mythologies. I found the lord of the rings when I was in 5th grade the world of Tolkien can do wonders for a 10 year old's imagination. I always had an interest in swords but I will never forget the first sword that I held. It was my dad's business partner's roman gladius. Feeling the cool wood of the grip in my hand for the first time and raising that steel to my eye level was all it took. I was hooked. We lived in the city so I could not start forging outside, but we would often to go the woods together in Henderson Ky and he would show me how to track animals and taught me to respect nature. When I was 12 I saw a show on the history channel that showed a man named Paul Champagne making a sword, making his own steel...and I was just blow away that people still did that. Well, being that the internet was still in its fledgling days it took me a while to get an address for him and I wrote him a letter with about a 1,000,001 questions and the reply that I got is still the source of inspiration to this day, and my current piece is dedicated to his memory so I am taking my time, making it good so that it can attempt to do honor and justice to the man who inspired me. The first time I hit hot steel with a hammer i was 20, living on my own in a shanty in the woods around Louisville KY and this is where i have been working for three and half years so far. I have not really shown my work on here as i guess you are your hardest critique and i don't feel it worthy yet, but someday. Other big inspirations to my work are Jake Powning, J. Arthur Loose, the guys from Mad Dwarf with their filthy beards, who needs fire right?


When I am forging outside in the woods behind my home, with the moon at my back and the wind moving the tall grass and the tree limbs creak in approval of what I am crafting, my soul just feels at such tranquility that I could just dissolve and be apart of the underlying force that guides all movement, and whatever gods are watching me do my work...I pray they approve too.

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My name is Jim and I live in Missouri. I just turned 26 years old. I am married and have a two year old son and a dog named Horse.


I have a degree in welding technology and enjoy working with metal. I got introduced to smithing by a family friend and I enjoy making all sorts of things including knives.


I live a very simple life :)

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Well, I've been on this forum for a while, but I haven't answered this question--I generally like to keep to myself, I guess. Aaanyway, no harm in filling it out, I suppose.


I just turned 21 a month ago, and I live in Mesa, AZ with my girlfriend of over two years (who should be becoming my fiancee in a few months, but we'll just keep that between us ;P). We moved here from the Peoria, IL area last July to escape the crappy winters and to get better jobs. I am now an IT Help Desk technician for a national commercial real estate company with four corporate offices. I have a computer repair certification, and have taken several classes through previous employers, but have no college education--and even if it was free, considering how college students act, the thought of going to college isn't very enticing. I've been interested in knives, swords, axes, maces, firearms, and all other manner of potentially destructive implements for a very long time. As far back as I can remember, I was drawing knights and swords, and I just thought it was so cool. It felt like it took forever to convince my mom to let me have a pocket knife, but I ended up getting my first around 9 years old. My obsession really took off from there, and I started saving money for auctions and fairs so I could get more knives. The process of making these tools and weapons didn't catch my interest until junior high school, but it grew on me and my Junior year term paper ended up being about the process of making a katana, from smelting to polishing. I have made a few crude knives by stock removal, and early this year, I forged my first knife with the help of Tai Goo in Tucson, AZ. My dream is that someday I will have a place where I can go out and forge any time I want, and make things as elegent and useful as the things I have seen here.

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Hello everyone. My name is Mike and I am brand new here.

I followed a link from a post by a member here from another forum. Some of you may know me from other forums and one or two of you are friends of mine from Facebook.

I am a knifemaker who was mentored by Ron Frazier. Ron was one of the original group of custom makers who, I feel, has helped pave the way for the market that many of today's makers enjoy. I've know Ron for over 30 years and he has helped me every step on my knifemaking journey.

I am also a painter and a sculptor. My hobbies are gardening and listening to good music.

I am here to learn and share anything, because this seems to be the site that I was looking for to indulge my passion of the art and craft of knifemaking. Thanks for having me here.

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I'm a prof. at Mass College of Art in Boston. Ma.I started a bladesmithing program there back in 1995. It has grown to be one of the more popular destinations for anyone seeking some interesting and challenging electives to take. I teach pattern welding courses as well as bladesmithing, knifemaking and mokumegane. the other times I'm a pro bladesmith( ABS, MS.),Silversmith, knife and jewelry designer and an inveterate Salsa dancer. I've danced semi-pro with a couple of different dance companies in this area.

I was formerly a professional trombonist for 30 years and am now retired from the music business. I was active in Jazz, Latin music, and the musical theater In NYC and in Boston Ma.

I've a bachelors from CUNY in fine arts and a BM in jazz compsition from Berklee College of music.

I've made my living as an artist for as long as I can recall. My career began as an illustrator in NYC back in the late 60's and I never really considered doing anything else other than art of some kind. I'm widowed and have one daughter 24, who in spite of her rather prodigious art talent, has chosen a life in academia.

I'm someone who truly believes that there's time to do everything one really wants to do in life. My motto: "Waste anything but time."

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My name is Sam Salvati. I was born in the house I live in now in Yulan NY in 1986. I first entered the world of smithing by playing around with a propane torch, forging nails into rings and necklaces. I moved on there to a shop vac on reverse plugged up to an old cast iron Hibachi grill burning coal. I found an ad in the back of Hammer's Blow the quarterly magazine put out by ABANA for a paid apprenticeship in rural Grafton VT. I applied, and went 6 hours for a 30 minute interview, then 6 hours back, and got the call a couple weeks later that I got the job. Worked in a period 1800s shop 5 days out of the week then 1 or 2 days in the master's modern shop. Doing things with all hand tools really gave me an appreciation for how things were done and now I can actually do things like drawfile and hot punch in some situations quicker then the grinder and drill press :D. In the past year I have finally progressed in skill to be able to attempt one of the reasons why I originally was interested in smithing and that is making swords. I loved reading fantasy books with swords and swashbuckling and other worlds and the characters in them, and while I recognize the difference between fantasy and reality, one thing both have in common is swords. While still purposeful weapons great at doing what they are meant to do, swords drip heavily with romanticism and honor, religion, adventure, etc. I mostly make swords for myself, which is kinda funny considering I have probably close to $10,000 worth of tools and LOTS of hours involved. Ahh I wouldn't have done it any different though :D I am pretty much inspired by most everything, and constantly seek to improve my methods, techniques and blades. I love all styles eras and blade types. I work part time for Fastenal and love it, being a salesman actually rocks in real life, and do blades any chance I get. I am incredibly passionate about life and most everything invloved with it and seek to find the stunning beauty and adventure that is in everyday life, and do :D .

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Hi. I'm 15 years old, and have been blacksmithing in my back yard for exactly 344 days. I started officially on my 15th birthday. Before that, the extent of my smithing was beating copper rods on a bench and begging my parents to let me get an anvil, which somehow worked in my favor :D .


Anyway, I am a devoted learner of many things: theoretical physics, the art of writing, blacksmithing, rock climbing, skiing, meditation,etc. I have been rock climbing for 12 years now (I would die without it). I also have dabbled in trans-personal psychology, and done a few studies in that science with a friend of mine. Now, however, I have pulled all my scientific studies into one discipline: theoretical physics. I meditate on a daily basis, and take very long walks through the woods alone, which is the source of my inspiration for both my blades and my writing.


Let's see, what else. I was in boy scouts for a while, but stopped due to a dispute between my morality and that of the organization's. I just dropped out of high school B) , which has left me with a ton of time to bladesmith, as well as study. Of course, I'm not your everyday high school dropout ;) . I only did so because I will be attending the University of Washington this fall instead of completing the last two years of high school. I'm going to be double majoring in Theoretical Physics and Creative Writing, and I hope to go to CalTech to pursue a PhD in Theoretical Physics.


Other than that, I am working on a novel and writing poetry to compliment my bladesmithing. Naturally, I am obsessed with this forum now (THANK YOU MR. FOGG!!!), and I absolutely love learning from all the masters who share their knowledge here, so thank you all!


-Dan Scott

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Im a 21 yr old tech education major in the southwest portion of wisconsin, I once was headed to the medical path of schooling until I figured out sitting in a room all day looking at slides and spending almost a decade in school just were boring as heck to me and got wise to switch over to a major that will let me play with thousands of dollars in tools and a job that will let me do the same and use said tools and get paid ot make projects while teaching kids to do the same...minus the blades sadly... stupid school regulations * grumble*


I was always interested in blades since i was old enough to walk, always had cardboard, wood and paper swords as well as having "sword fights" with sticks as a kid....then finally one summer in between my junior and senior year in high school..my grandpa gave me a big knife made for him by his dad during WW2, so I started reading and talking to whoever I could find who knew about smithing and started making blades that same summer..I worked as a 1800s-1900s blacksmith at a recreation village about a hour from my home and made blades every weekend all weekend for a summer which is where the majority of my improvement took place.


so about 4 years, countless pounds of coal, steel and sweat later Im still at it and only getting more addicted to it.

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I am a 28 year old father of 3, soul mate to a beautiful woman, and a traveling steel worker. I was raised by a single mother and my grandfather stood in as my father along with my uncle. Both where hard working country folks and taught me that you don't buy what you can make and when you buy something you do it once and right. I got my first knife at 5 years old when I was still running around with a wooden shotgun with my uncle hunting quail. My uncle sharpened knifes for a local meat plant and started teaching me to sharpen knifes with my first one(which I am fairly certain was a trick to keep it extra dull).

I first saw a knife made by my grampa out of a grade 8 bolt with a torch. I was 10. I was hooked. My friend and I tried to make some stock removal knives out of some giant circular saw blade his grand father had, but the came out crap. The first sucsessful knife I made was a 10" bladed forged tanto out of coil spring for the best man at my wedding, but it took me longer to make the knife than the marrage lasted. Just recently got into making knives on any real level(well learning to any ways).

I don't want to make knife like objects, I want my knives to be the best they can. I want to make big knives, skinning knives, and EDC knives.

My real job is building water towers right know. I am away from home for weeks at a shot, live out of a hotel, and generally miss my kids and my girl. I Also ride motorcycles, hunt, fish, shoot, and am a history buff. My history teacher in college told my that he had never met someone with my thirst for history.

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I'm Jed, 32, live in Alaska, and work for Big oil. I have always been intrigued by all things metal. From machinery, to blades, to whatever else is made of metal. I started tearing stuff apart to see how it worked at an early age (8). My first victim was the family lawnmower. After my arse healed up from the mower incident, my dad bought me my own tool set. I've been taking stuff apart, and putting it back together since then.


Only recently did I get the smithing bug. My dad gave me the family anvil (he said he was tired of carrying it around) and started researching on the computer about blacksmithing. Not long after that, I found the various smithing forums, and decided I should build an efficient way of making steel hot.


I haven't got that great an eye for detail as some, but I'm practicing. I have a kick ass work schedule which lets me have lots of time off so as to pursue my various hobbies.


I like big trucks, motorcycles, mud, motorcycles, exploring, and working with metal.





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After reading all these stories I feel rahter embarresed, but here I go.


Im just a teenager (16) and two years ago I just got bored and said 'what the heck, im making my own chisels for woodcarving''. Well I never made the chisels and only in the last year have I started to make knives. Ive branched out into cutting (torches, plasma cutters ETC), machining (the odd mill and what not), outdoorsey stuff, carpentry, handy man esque stuff, designated fixer (if one of my friends is in some sort of trouble Im always to one to 'fix' it) and back yard mechanics. My parents always say I can fix anything I touch beacuase I broke it first. :lol: So I bassically just make and break stuff. Im really just a high school student (and soon to be life guard), so nothing all that interesting. ^_^

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who am i? well I've been a cook for the better part of the last sixteen years, but i have done a lot of other things at the same time. I'm a carpenter, a writer,(who is horrible at spelling) I'm a survivalist nut, and a theologian. About five years ago me and a friend started a chainmaille business, but we separated because.... well there were differences of opinion over who was sabotaging the business and who was keeping it afloat. Now i own "Black Raven Designs" but i always wanted to try smithing. I decided to read as much about it as possible which helped but there is only so much i can learn from reading. Youtube has been great because seeing how something you've read about is actually done is a great way to learn. Everything else is self taught. I've made tools and nails and things of that nature, but i have had a passion for blades for about twenty years. I am decent enough to teach the basics of both swordsmanship and knife fighting so it was kind of natural that i start to make knives and swords and all manner of other sharp pointy weapon-like tools. I'm obsessed with the way metal works and moves. The personality and the energy. but that is a philosophical thing. that's about it. any questions feel free to ask.

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