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Hey All,   I'm Barney Barnett, 41 yrs old.  I have 3 kids 2 boys 12 and 4 and a girl who is 3.  Glad to be here in this forum. Been reading a lot.  I built my first little brick coal forge a

I live in South Africa and I manage safety, health and environment for a company that makes die-forged aluminium parts for motor vehicles. Our forge is 2 stories tall and pumps out one part every 3 se

Hey yall. Just joined, figured I'd take the time to introduce myself. I'm new to bladesmithing, but its something that I've always felt has been coming for me. My day job is as a tanker driver in the

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wow....reading all these...


I feel very young. I'm 17 with a aspiration toward engineering and tool and die trade (family business)

Currently living in Trenton Ontario Canada and love it. The availability of fresh wood is pretty large. Dad doesn't like it when i chop a branch off a tree in the back yard for personal use but, oh well. When I first saw The mad dwarf shop making the dwarven miners knife on you-tube. my eyes opened to a whole new world. It has been close to a year and I'm still going strong, the amount of unfinished blades and doodles I have posted all over my shop are becoming a fire hazard....I'll add it to the hundreds of other safety hazards of blade smithing :)


I live in a town of 2,000 and it starts and finishes on a single highway. kinda interesting to think that our town (hamlet) is farther stretched north then it is wide. My loves are blade smithing, baking, ATV rides, paintball, canoeing and inventing. Boredom comes quick around here and Xbox and TV doesn't really keep you all that entertained year round.


I'm like most of you, except for much....much younger. i can close my eyes this instant and see the bright orange and molten white of steel being pulled from a fire in the black of night. almost feeling my hammer smash into the various grades of steel. each having its own rhythm and give. blades are like candy and their handles the sweet grip that keep me close in their swirling addictions.


but all after school and homework of course :( saving up for a camera will also help to post pictures on this loved and many times helpful forum :)


both blades are etched in acid and the chopper has the temper color left in it. the bottom knife had problems with holding an edge, The colour that came to the steel was awfully weird.


seperate 073.JPG

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Hi everybody,just found this,

My Name,

Is Cook Danner...

I have to make this short and sweet. I'm moving to Colorado on the 31st of this month,I have been doing a lot of packing and having yard sales,so I don't have much time for bladesmithing.

I have chatted with some of you and a lot of you helped me out and thank you for that. I do what I can for anybody,I allways don't do the right thing when I do that but my heart is in the right place when I'm doing it.In life there is allways a lot more to learn and so I'm still learning that,I never try to afend anybody,but there is times I do and I'm sorry for that.Life is all about lerning and at time I do it the hard way,but I learn it and learn from my mistakes.

I don't know when I will be able to bladesmith again because I will be living in a 2nd flore apt. for the time being and looking for a job in CO and working to get a ring for my girl so we can get hitched. But I will be reading and reserching all I can,so when I do set up shop I'm ready to go and can ask better question.

This forum has helped me a lot and I learned a lot from it,I hop one day I can give back as much as I have learned from this site,What I can say is "thank you Don" for having this site and letting me be apart of it :)



Thank you



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Good day, all

I've been intrigued with medieval history for as long as I can remember, and in the more recent years, Norse mythology. There's something fascinating about the world when we did not have all this technology to complicate things.. Anyway, that's where I discovered bladesmithing. Only in the last few years have I had an anvil available, so it has not been too long in that regard, and I can't stop! Before that, I did a fair amount of armoursmithing, starting with chainmail way back in the days of middle school :blink: Ever since, I have done everything I can to learn about bladesmithing and blacksmithing in general. Outside this wonderful world, I am an aerospace & mechanical engineer, but I see that as a secondary profession really. I also do a lot of writing independently, although I have not published anything. Last year I finished a work around 300k words long (~900 pages in print size), and am well on my way towards a second which is near 400k already and growing every day. I love to travel and read and see the great outdoors, but more and more I just want to get back into the shop light up the forge.

Thank you all, this is a great community and I would not be anywhere close to where I am now without it.



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I just started in this forum in late November 2011, so I'm still trying to get through the whole thing.

I am a retired police officer of 29 years and now drive school bus to support my bladesmithing habit. I started bladesmithing about 3 years ago with the help of Wayne Goddard and his books and later Ray Richard. I have been making most of my own tools and have forged all my knives except the Christmas Cleaver I posted last month and my first knife in 1975 from an old file.

My father was an eclectic collector/user of knives and made several knives, including a couple when he was shot down in WWII and spent several months with the Dutch Underground (I still have one of those knives).

I love to forge steel because it lets me find the knife thats hiding inside. Most are forged from auto coil springs and some flat bar 5160. I also love to learn more about knife making from anyone I can.

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Who is Gerald Boggs?

Good Question and as this is only my third post, I’ll take a bit of time and answer.


First and foremost, I am a trained*, professional blacksmith working in the Craft. I’ve been working as a blacksmith for the last eleven years. First in the shops of others, and then my own. I got my first taste in 1988, but didn’t make it my profession until 2000. In past years, I’ve been a soldier (twenty years, two weeks, six days, not that I kept count), sailor and cook aboard traditional wooden sailing vessels and spent a bit of time in the building trades.


Let there be no doubt, I am passionate about the craft of the blacksmith. I’ve worked long and hard to learn and develop my skills. When I first found the craft, it was all about knife making, but in learning to work at the forge, I became fascinated with other elements of the smith and never did get around to forging a knife. Now many years later, the desire has returned.


In addition to blacksmithing, I garden, keep bees, raise chickens for eggs, make my own yogurt and granola, and Contra dance. I live in a small village on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, about ½ mile from the Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway.



*Now “Trained” doesn’t mean “Better” It just means I didn’t have to go through the process of figuring out the what and how of everything. The two blacksmiths to whom I credit my learning, were both trained blacksmiths from Britain. Made it very nice, especially when I hear some of the horror stories of misinformation so many have had to wade through.


There, Gerald Boggs in brief.


Here's my two web sites: Both in need of work.




Here's links to some of the sailing vessels:



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I made my first knife in college about 35 years ago as I was learning to be an industrial arts teacher. I ground knives in my basement for a few years, trying to supplement a teacher's salary. I left teaching, which gave me more money to pursue the craft, but less time. I gradually outfitted a smithy, including homemade coal and gas forges and my great-grandfather's anvil.


I knew I could grind a knife, but I wanted to use forging to do things I couldn't do with a grinder. I've forged very few knives, mostly because I wanted to learn how to forge well first.


I'm semi-retired now. Below is what I made for Christmas presents this year, with my regards to Serge Panchenko. I started out to make my version of a Perfect Handle screwdriver. I like integrals, so I looked on this forum for inspiration. I looked at a dagger of Serge's and saw a screwdriver. I made about 10 in a couple sizes. Triple normalized, the tip hardened in oil. It was like building a knife, except I had to shape the scales mostly before I attached them and I couldn't let epoxy ooze out.


I've learned a lot from this forum. This is the first time I thought I had something to contribute, and it's not a knife.





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Hi, My name is Geoff Hardy


I am 32 and I have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth Victoria British Columbia Canada. I don't come from a metal working background

(but come from a long line of tradesman) but have fallen in love with bladesmithing , it seems to just encompass all the little quirks of my personality and provide an outlet for them.

My education is in digital filmaking , spent a few years grinding it out in Hollywood North (Vancouver) on mostly T.V show's Battle Star Galactica being the most well known(not the Lorne

Greene Version I am only thirty two). The Money was good but a 96 hour work week sucks, so back to the Island where my dream of become an inside waterworks salesman at a plumbing wholesaler

came true!! Sorry for the bitter sarcasm ... English parents... But anyways.. I am a first generation Canadian, family immagrated here in the 70's from England, I am a huge Film Nerd(I am not afraid

of the term).


I am the proud Father of my new born son which slows down the smithing time but my wife is a pretty awesome women so she puts up with it. Read a lot , Try to write and hate ..actually abhor small talk would much rather have an interesting conversation about the "meat" in life.


"actually abhor" makes me sound like an A____ I just mean I would rather talk about things that are meaningful, like this forum.


Alright that made me sound flakey. You get the idea ,did I mention I was a perfectionist.


Love this site every person on here is really cool and so gracious with there knowledge makes somebody like me starting out really hungry for more.


Thanks for allowing me the privilege ..


Especially you Don.

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my name is Bernard Delor. I live in Marseille, south of France, and I just registered for the Bladesmith's forum.

I am 50 years old and I've been forging and making knives for more than 10 years. I was working (and I still do) as a computer engineering when I met a blacksmith at a local fair. I was so impressed that, a few monthes later, I attended a training at his workshop. After that I started making knives and learning, and I never stopped...

Some years later, I attended a full training in order to reach a more professional knowledge of the work, then making knives began to be my second job, although I should say it's my first one, speaking of passion and interest.

Soon I focused on ancient arms from the oriental world : China, Persia, Ottoman Empire... I like their shapes, and I like their astonishing embellishments. This gives me occasions to work with other craftsmen and learn from then about chiseling, chasing, gilding...etc.

I recently worked for customers in the US, and I began browsing US forums, Bladesmith's forum being one of the most interesting ones. I feel glad and proud to register and join your community. Please forgive my english, which sometimes might seem a little "weird". I will do my best !

Last but not least, I am also a moderator for a french forum, called "Metal Connexion" which focuses on all metal crafts. I moderate the "knifemaking" part of it.

Thank you for reading and kind regards,


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I'm 24, starting bladesmithing this last october (2011)and immediately fell in love. I've been wanting to learn for a long time now but didn't have means to travel to where my teacher is. Currently working on my 9th (I think) knife as well as having made some tools and other stuff. Going to finally try damascus this Sunday when I have someone around who actually knows what they're doing. lol.


Day job is at a vet working in the kennels but have already started working on building up my business as a bladesmith so I will be able to switch full-time to working in the forge. :D Lots of hunters and survivalists to sell to in the area, ntm the reenactors.


Have always been a history/fantasy nerd and got (more) into survivalism fairly recently. Went to school for music/recording though I mostly stopped my guitar practice after my last band fell apart. :( I brew my own mead and plan on trying to grow/cure my own pipe tobacco.


I really want to just plunge myself headfirst into everything there is to do with bladesmithing. Reading, working and especially getting to hang out around and learn from other bladesmiths. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. :D


Pic is a knife I made for a friend of mine who wanted it for work (at a machine shop) made from 52100 w/ironwood handle. Blade length is 5 1/2"


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Hello hello I am a junior in High School. I am also taking Welding at the nearby college in hopes to be a welder in this world. I am currently unemployed which sucks. However once I am done with this program I should be able to get a good job nearby. I am very interested in this wonderful craft. Bladesmithing is beautiful so I look forward to doing it more and more as the years go by. I wanted to start this craft when I was twelve and now I am 18 so I feel as though I have waited long enough to start it. Anyway hi nice to meet you all.

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hey,I'm Russell Nortier,49 yrs old,been forging knives for 2yrs.

I was born in Arkansas and still live there.I am a father of grown sons,one is in the navy,one has big dreams.i was in the army.i have always loved knives.I have worked many different jobs:soldier,warehouse/forklift driver,landscaper,goodyear tire/mech,smelter for timex,copier technician,now i do data input/computers to pay the bills,but i consider myself a knife making blacksmith.i got my first pocket knife at 5yrs old.I worked on cars most of my young adult life,may have been where i started liking to work steel.I always sharpened knives for all my huntin buddies and repaired blades that were chipped or broken at the tip.I made replacement handles for knives which had broken ones.I had a knack for carving wood for walking sticks and such.And i made sheathes for my hunting knives,i liked the Indian look better.All this came into play when i started making my own knives.

I saw some bladesmiths forging knives at a big buck classic show 3yrs ago and decided it was time to try it myself.I did a lot of reading(i have loved to read my whole life)on metallurgy,then i got started.I have been attending (Arkansas section)American knife makers meetings for 1yr,they teach a little too.I have been married before,now my new wife is very supportive of my knife making.I possess a working knowledge of the Spanish language and am trying to learn French,Japanese and German.My father was a French/German immigrant from Holland,moved to Michigan, and my mother was redneck and part Choctaw Indian from Mississippi.I was raised in the suburbs but my grandfather's brother(mom's side of family) had a farm 10 miles outside town and my brother and i worked it for them.So i was raised up as a country boy.Started hunting with my first gun at 10yrs of age.My late older brother was an amateur archaeologist/herpetologist but made a living as a carpenter/painter.He taught me how to hunt and fish,catch snakes and dig for arrow heads.I love to hunt deer with longbow,crossbow,shotgun and rifle.I was on the rifle team in the Army Reserves in the late 1980's.

I started making hunting knives first,for skinning deer.Then i made survival knives(no not hollow handled Rambo toys :D )but the kind used to chop(uh yep i'm a dooms day prepper :wacko: ),then made a short sword/machete.i have a great interest in Ancient History(i read even more than i did when i was a bookworm kid B) ).I love the Roman short sword,the Samurai sword :ph34r: and most certainly...the Viking sword(THE GREAT: +ULFBERH+T ).I study the Runic alphabet too.

I look forward to conversing with ya'll.


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My name is Daniel Johnson, and I am a young lad of 21 years.

I fell in love with bladesmithing a few years ago, but was unable to persue the craft for a while.

Now, My equipment is gathered, and I've begun hammering.


I have a deep respect and fond awe of the natural world, and, living on the mouth of logan canyon in Utah, have the opportunity to regularly walk amongst trees to find inspiration. I have the greatest wolf husky hybrid, Miakoda, and I am a college student at Utah State University. My degree is History and folklore to the interested party, which is a direct reflection on the fascination I have with history, as well as the mythical nature I feel is associated with bladesmithing.


In this spirit, I would like to give thanks to the many of the mythopoetic inspired smiths that frequent this site. Their work is always something that inspires me to light a fire in the forge and put hammer to steel!

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I'm currently in Afghanistan, but when this ball of wax gets rolled up and becomes a footnote in the history books, I'll be setting up a blacksmith's shop with my youngest son so that he can start learning the smithing craft. Looking forward to learning from the knowledable ones here!


Best regards,

Albert A Rasch

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

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My name is Jarad McCauley. I grew up on a farm in Texas and went to college A LOT. I wanted to be a doctor, then and engineer, pilot, business man, and a million other things, until I finally realised that I just wanted to be me. I am a linguist by education, but I haven't found much use from my education that pleases me. I spent all my time in college trying to figure out what I wanted to do, and traveling to figure out where I wanted to do it. I still haven't figured out either one. I like to do, but most of all I love to learn. I try to train myself in every art and trade I think I might be proficient at, just for the sake of doing it. I really believe in the saying, "live as if you will die tomorrow, learn as if you will live forever." I spend my time scheming about what I will do next and trying to make a profit so I can feed my learning addiction. I really enjoy bladesmithing so far, though I am yet far from skilled at it. I also enjoy farming. It is a good feeling to create something good from dirt and water and sweat, and in Texas, sweat is the biggest part. I also teach upon occasion, mostly as a volunteer, because it saddens me to see children losing so much of the education that some of us received. Growing up on the farm, I learned to make it or build it, and fix it yourself, and if you didn't make it or build it, expect to fix it. In that spirit, I build myself into the person I want to be, so I don't end up fixing problems created by someone else.

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Hi my name is Shawn Shaffer i am 19 and i got my start in blade and blacksmithing in 2010 during my sophmore year of high school. It all started when me and a friend of mine found another and indulged in a very indepth conversation about our love of swords and acient mythology from around the world. After that i decided to learn so i played my agriculture teacher in a game of black jack for his anvil ( to my dismay it was a cast iron with steel face ). My beggining knowledge came from a guy i found on youtube who learned it from his grandfather and from there just trial and error and doing what feels right along with some resarch. ive just become confident enough to start forging out sword blades but due to a sudden lay off and not having a place to put my forge the weather determines my schedule. I am very proud and very interested in my irish heritage and culture along with all pre-christian cultures and mythologies. I also after finding this forum have been inspired by many talented smith here and hope one day ill get just as good if not better. I have plans on going back to school for radiology not interested in the med field but its all about what pays good and once i get things settled ill have a real shop and maybe turn my passion into a small business. Also i would just like to say that i am looking forward to making many friends here and if any body wants to know more about me or have a good conversation just ask and know i am very open minded.

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Just an old guy having fun...born in '60 allready old, I grew up in africas wide open spaces,could shoot before I could talk, and got my first knife(Joseph Rogers) at 6, had to gut'dress and process everything I shot since! Spent most of my early years in the veld with two German Sheppards and a rifle...did a diving course (scuba) first aid and bushcraft. Show jumping was a big part of my life until finances curtaild that, discovered motorcycles only had to be fed and looked after when you use them! A brief stint at racing, discovered I'm crazy(not insane) so gave that up! Earned a living painting signs and custom spraypainting,did 2 yrs national service, almost bought it, ended up with a broken hip, ankle and shoulder to go with my ruptured spleen, pancreas and kidney, took a chefs course, owned a suceesfull restaurant and started making knives about 15 yrs ago, now it's my life, and I'll never go back! All the help/advice I've had from this forum and the many wonderfull folks on it make me eternally greatfull! Thank you one and all...:)

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Quite a diverse group here. I am a noob when it comes to knife making and forging, I only got my forge about a month ago and it isn't even set up yet. I have spent the last year setting up my shop and dealing with eye problems. BUT, before that ...


I started working at 13 being a 'bagger' at a local grocery store. Worked all through high school doing various and sundry things that kids do.


Left home at 18 and worked my way through college and law school by selling stuff (insurance, aluminum siding, and the like). At the time, I supplemented my income by playing pool.


Graduated from law school,passed the bar and started practicing law. After 4 years of practicing law, I couldn't take anymore, so I quit and became a beach bum in Daytona Beach for about 6 years where I taught myself how to make jewelry.Moved back to Ohio and after a while opened my own 'goldsmithing' studio, which supported me, my family and my hobbies for the next 28 years. It was truly a 'one-man operation as my wife became disabled and wasn't able to help much---except for over-whelming support.


I made some knives 30+ years ago by gluing blades into handles. I didn't consider myself a 'maker' as I didn't make the blades, so I put that passion on hold. I closed my studio in July, 2012 and my knife passion returned with a vengeance. Now, to get to work.... Teddy

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I was born dead on Pearl Harbor Day. And as the Doctor was consoling my parents, I opened my big mouth and coughed. Been stuck here ever since. :) I was raised as a buckaroo on ranches across Nevada. Most were over 100 miles from town, the nearest was 50. I spent about half my school years home-schooled, and was actually halfway through my first semester of college before I ever received my high school diploma. For as long as I can remember, I was interested in swords, knights, cavalry, and history. When I was in my teens, I began taking martial arts, and became interested in Asian/Eastern weapons.


Since I've grown up financially strapped, and jerry-rigging is a rural tradition, I generally ended up making what I wanted. Eventually toy wooden swords and knives became metal ones. Now I'm learning how to do it right.


My interests include martial arts, bladesmithing, paintball, archery, atlatls, and just about any other "primitive" weapon. There are two people in the world (that I know of) who are mounted atlatlists. I was the first, and my oldest son is the second.


By education, I'm a technical writer. To pay the bills, I work as a medical courier (you could say I'm a professional drug runner). :ph34r: As I tell my wife, my day job helps pay the bills. I have a small farm which grows enough hay to feed 4 fat horses, and 1 fat pony. We also have 1 barn/shop cat, 2 dogs, and 3 little boys, who I dread feeding when they become teenagers. I'm envisioning butchering a cow a week.

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My name is Brad Clark, and this is my first official post haha. Im 22 and was laid off from Alpha Natural Resources in 2013 and have since went back to school for nursing which I hope to begin in august )which unfortunately will all but halt all time at the forge), other than that I hammer metal in my off time and work at a gas station as a pump-boy. I live at home and work under Kenneth Cornett in his shop which we moved to my house a few miles down the road

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hi guys

my name is john langston ,i live in adelaide , south australia,and love everything their is to learn about knife making,and i like to scrounge all the material i need to get their.my trade is a fitter and turner so i like to make every thing by hand.there are no restraints on what i make i love this forum and the peoples on here are awsome and have learned so much so a big thankyou

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