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don't quite know what it is

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heres one i beat out about a month ago and got finished up today. A little bit of background to explain the odd design. I found the steel amongst the many pounds (tons) of scrap i've accumulated. it was a four foot bar, and when i sawed it in half to make it less unwieldly the hacksaw was kicking up sparks, which i figured was a good sign. so i forged it out into a basic short tanto shape, mostly for shaping practice, as this was only my second day in the forge. The shape turned out good, and i was just bringing it up past non-mag to normalise when my dad came into the forge and messed up my fire to anneal an axe head. As it was the end of the day and i was getting impatient, i decided to just edge quench straight from there. Now, i'm a reasonably intelligent, fairly well educated guy, so i knew what the result of this would be, yet it amazes me the strength of the impulse to do really stupid things sometimes. It could have been worse: one bad crack near the tang, so i ground out the damaged part, tempered it and whacked it off of the anvil. No further cracks appeared, so i annealed the blade, and heat treated it properly. Now i had a perfectly servicable knife, with a big stupid cut out in the blade, so i shaped a brass guard, soldered it in and put a stag tine on for the handle, and now i kinda like it, if only as a monument to idiocy. Anyway, that was a bit longwinded, so here it is (sorry about the photo quality)


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Dude for an "accident (or would it be Axeident..) blade that came out pretty damn nice actually.. There's something simple and sexy about it. Just remember to tell it "Daddy loves you!" if your new baby there ever asks if it WAS an accident :-D


I gotta agree with Alan... good save bro'

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