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First two off the new KMG grinder

Terry Primos

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I finally broke down and ordered a KMG from Rob Frink. I've talked to him about it for a few years, and I figure that this time when I called him, he thought "yeah, right".


Anyway, I went all out and got the 2 HP variable speed with all the attachments. These two are the first ones off the new grinder. One's a Platypus, and the other is a one off prototype hunter. I won't be taking orders for the hunter pattern. It's a first shot at something I've been thinking about. There are more changes to made.




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The knives look great :35:

Soooo how about the Grinder ??????

I want one but the wife never will say anything when I bring up the subject.


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well grinders do have this nasty habbit... ;)


there are ways to deal it...

get an old "industry" (steel) vacuum wet-cleaner... remove the "filter thing" and fill the "tank" with a bit of water... ready is your cheap dust collector... hook up some "pipeline-system" with a collector mounted at the close bottom to the wheel or other grinding tool...


now I don't overrate this, it's nothing scientific, but I've seen it done and it seemed to work. A "professional" dust collector, of course is 1. safer, 2. less noisy & 3. more powefull for that purpose...

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