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What's this for??

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Just some quick info, what this is for...


Everything below, as long as it's somehow related to the craft...


- Book Reviews

- Video Reviews (no matter whether this be some sort of tutorial video or something else about our craft)

- Other Mediareviews/infos... be this newspaper articles, websites, whatever...

- Links to tutorials / technical informations

- Free Infromation (free PDF Books, etc...)


However please DO NOT POST:

- Offtopic links & content

- Links just to your own website (Advertisment)

- General sort of Advertisment

- anything Sale-related... if you want to sell your goods, this is not the place to do so.


Post if you believe it's interesting for others, but anything off will be removed without hesitation.


Sorry for the strict rules, but I'd like to keep the listings in here "useful"

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