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Since music has come up in other topics I'm curious what music people listen to while working in their shops.


I listen to classic rock like ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Queen The Who & David Bowie with a bit of The Cure, NIN & Rob Zombie thrown in with some Jig punk like Flogging Molly The Prodigals Seven Nations & Black 47.



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All of a sudden I heard Grantchester Meadows in my head and had a flashback.

Today I have Ronnie Earl on, blues guitar.

i am an enormous metalhead and have almost all kinds of wierd underground metal on my ipod. but when i am forging i actually prefer things from my dads extensive blues/rock music collection, my absol

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Sounds like we have similar musical tastes! :ylsuper:


In addition to the above I like a strong dose of Americana/traditional/OldTime/Bluegrass. Ralph Stanley, Del McCoury, most of the stuff and folks who did the "O Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack, and that sort of thing. Throw in some Tom Waits, Madness (or any sort of frenetic ska-punkabilly), The Doors, and lots of Celtic stuff, new and old.


If you have a computer in your shop, I strongly strongly recommend listening to WETS-FM (www.wets.org), the public radio station from East Tennessee State University. They do the usual NPR stuff in the mornings and late afternoon, plus the usual classical in the morning from 9 to noon on weekdays, but then all bets are off. Monday from 12:30 to 4 is nothing but blues, everything from old wax cylinder recordings from the 1920s to the latest stuff. Tuesdays through Fridays the same timeslot is filled with a show called "Roots and Branches" devoted to traditional American music and its permutations through time, thus the name. Evenings after the news there's more of this sort of thing, and Saturdays are the greatest.


If it's good enough for Harley the hepatic possum to listen to in his shop, it's good enough for you! ;) Of course, we live within actual broadcast range...


I've never encountered another radio station like it. Everything from classical to country through indie rock, all in the same place! Guaranteed to be some stuff you've never heard before, and some stuff you never dreamed would exist. Appalachian Reggae, for instance. It's also called "dreadneck." B)


Edit 03/08/2010: WETS-FM no longer exists. :( Well, the letters are still there, but three weeks ago with no warning whatsoever they switched to an all-NPR talkfest. I HATE talk radio, I don't care who's talking. If the reaction of the local community is the same as mine, the station will truly cease to exist after the next fund drive. <_<

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Also if you have a computer KEXP.org in Seattle has a VERY eclectic day time and from 6-9 Pacific time they run the following: Monday- African, Tues: World, Wed: OLD country, Thurs: Americana (incl Waits, blues, old rock, etc- as long as the style's origins or artist are from the USA), Fri: Rockabilly (the show is Shake the Shack). Sat Morn from 9-noon is their reggae show and sun 6-9 PM is their hiphop show. It's really an awesome readio station when they're not stuck in "emo" mode :) Oh and it's always music, no news- not even traffic reports!


That said I listen to most of those shows with "alternative" being my main mode of music. The CD that spends most of its time in my player is the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack :) and there's a local Celtpunk band called "St Bushmills Choir" that spends a lot of time there, too :D


EDIT: I forgot to mention that KEXP keeps a playable archive for the past two weeks, so if you just want to listen to Swinging Doors or The Roadhouse or Positive Vibrations, you can :)


Anyone know the legalities of an internet jukebox for a group this size? how much trouble would we get into if we all only posted songs into the jukebox, but couldn't download from it?

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Lately it's been stuff outta Absinthe Studio...




16 Horsepower




Slim Cessna



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I mostly listen to allot of trad. like the cheiftains, boys of the lugh and ryans fancy. but lately I've been listenning to the Clash, the Pogues, Billy Bragg, and I'm trying out Rancid and the Dropkick Murphys :ylsuper: If you want to hear some great galic songs check out Mary Jane Lamond.


I listen to a lot of books on tape from the library when i'm carving, and polishing, I find it passes the time better than music. 'Rumpole of the Baily' by john Mortimer is my favorit.

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I mostly listen to allot of trad. like the cheiftains, boys of the lugh and ryans fancy. but lately I've been listenning to the Clash, the Pogues, Billy Bragg, and I'm trying out Rancid and the Dropkick Murphys  :ylsuper:  If you want to hear some great galic songs check out Mary Jane Lamond.


I listen to a lot of books on tape from the library when i'm carving, and polishing, I find it passes the time better than music.  'Rumpole of the Baily' by john Mortimer is my favorit.




I'm with you on the books on tape... One of my favorites is C.S. Forresters First Hornblower book. :)

Rósta að, maðr!



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Tough one,

I usually hook my 30GB Ipod to the amplifier in my shop...

on my iPod there are approx. 200 of my silver discs and some more GB in Mp3...


but I've got my "favourites"...


not in any specific order:


- Conan Soundtrack... great while forging or HT

- Loreena McKennit (esp. the disc where "bonny portmore" is on)

- Some stuff from "Lisa Gerrard" (dead can dance, and a few soundtracks)

- Bach's Cello Suites (especially I love the prelude to the first suite (in Gmin), it's one of the most beautiful compostins for the solo-cello ever written imho.)

- Lots of "Popa Chubby" (great dirty blues & guitar)

- Clapton (mostly the "unplugged" disc)

- Dire Straits (fav. "brothers in arms)

- Savatage (saw them live a couple of times, good progressive metal)

- Don Ross (fingerstyle guitar...)

- Erik Truffaz (Jazz)

- Holdsworth (Jazz)

- Fluke (Irish, modern)

- Shirley Grimes (Irish singer... lovely voice)

- George Benson (mostly "bad benson")

- Nick Cave

- Six Feet Under (great Death metal "classic stuff")

- Metallica (old discs like "ride the lightning")

- Tool

- Tito & Tarantula

- Crouching tiger & hidden dragon soundtrack

- Rage Against the Machine

- Paradise Lost

- Hendrix (almost anything...)

- In Flames (mostly "return to remains")

- Some stuff from U2

- Fred Morisson (bag pipes, man I love bag pipes)

- Soundtrack from "The last of the Mohicans"

- the "score" soundtrack from "The Crow" (I just love that score soundtrack) .... the "normal" soundtrack is quite cool as well ...

- Henry Rollins (not much to say but: cool sound).

- Dvorak (esp. the 9th)



so just to name a few...

there's much more... I'm quite a music-fanatic... couldn't live without music... and the iPod has been one of the neatest "investments" recently...

FERRUM - Daniel Gentile

custom knives & forging classes


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Excellent thread :ylsuper:


A few of my favorites:

-Coheed and Cambria (lyrics tell a Sci-Fi story with comic books to go along)

-Rage Against the Machine

-Bob Dylan

-Grateful Dead

-NPR public radio (never hurts to learn something)

-Fat Freddy's Drop (awesome reggae from New Zealand)

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it seems most dont like much of what i listen to but here goes

in no specific order...runs to check cd case...cant remember names :blink:



-system of a down

-children of bodom

-disturbed,especialy the sickness

-rage against the machine




-beastie boys

-kid rock

-the gorillaz

-led zeppilin



-three days grace

-linkin park

-the bravery


-marilyn manson

etc....im a rock freak what can i say,oh and i absolutely despise rap

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I don't have a radio in my shop. Weird, eh? It takes so much concentration on my part to anticipate and plan the sequence of actions, I really never listened to it when I had a radio in there. Now, this mainly applies to blacksmithing, not bladesmithing as I really do only a few knives a year. :banghead:


On the way to work is where I listen to music (50 minute drive):

Lorena McKennit-especially the disc with Bonny Portmore!

AKUS-anthing they want to play




The Eagles

The Birds

Vince Gill

Merle Haggard

The Chieftans

..................................Um.......I can't think of them all............

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Artists currently stacked next to my shop stereo:


Greatful Dead

Bob Dylan

The Band

Iron and Wine


Mark Knopfler

King Crimson


The Orb


Lady Day

Bird and Diz

The Decemberists

BB King

Will Oldham

Otmar Leibert/Luna Negra


And occasionally I'll throw in a bit of spoken word -- Ginsberg, Wilson, McKenna, Burroughs, etc, etc, etc.

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I have an Ipod and its the

first machine I turn on.

Don't have time to name

all the songs on it but there

are country,rock,blues and more.

You won't find any rap> hate it.


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- Loreena McKennit (esp. the disc where "bonny portmore" is on)



yeah I listen to her too, she's a Canadian, and I had a huge crush on her when I was about 10. she came to the a festival in the nearest city that year, and I got to go backstage and meet her. but I was a tongues tied little man, 10 year old jake couldn't say a word. still listen to her music, but I've moved on. :rolleyes:

I listen to allot of stuff that Green Linet (a recording company) comes out with, all sorts of really great stuff coming out of Ireland.

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The first thing i do is turn on the music, I like all kinds of music i have my home stereo hooked to my p.c. with speakers in my shop and usualy listen to classic rock, blues and WDVX from Knoxville Tenn. i.m.h.o. best bluegrass station on the air :ylsuper: . I allso love to listen to celtic music. But i don't do polka. :wacko:



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At the bottom on this link it says what music I forge by http://www.eldayn.com/Links.html


But obviously I always resort to my vast library of about 25GB


The last addition was Tan Dun's Hero OST, next will be "A thousand Roads" a Soundtrack co-composed by Lisa Gerrard


Need to get some Noh music and Koto music from Ford Hallam as well as I am lacking some on that front.

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I started with nothing, funnily enough I still have most of it...


Rósta að, maðr!

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WDVX from Knoxville  Tenn. 





D'oh! I forgot about WDVX. :banghead: I listen to them at work sometimes, but I don't have a computer in the shop and live out of broadcast range.


Jake's right about Green Linnet. I have a bunch of their samplers.


I don't listen to much while forging, it throws off my rythym. I listen mostly while doing the picky finish work, as a way to enter that trancelike state where you look up after an hour has passed and have a nicely sanded blade in hand and no idea how it got there. ;)


No real rap for me either, altho I've got the Beasties on the stack. I got no interest in that gansta sh!t. If I wanted shallow meaningless egocentric rambles I'd listen to talk radio. B)


Gotta have a brain behind it if it's in my place.

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Anything with a fiddle or violin, such as:

Bach & Bartok

Nordic stuff like: Hedningarna, Garmana, Susanne Lundeng, Annbjorg Lien, etc.

Mid-Eastern dance music: Davka, Natacha Atlas, Transglobal Underground, etc.

Local favorites like:


Extra Action Marching Band




Sleepytime Gorilla Museum


My favorite music combines roots music with a modern sensibility, or mixes the music of different cultures together.

Jomsvikingar Raða Ja!


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I've got my iPod hooked up to a little speaker system that my brother got.


I don't always listen to everything at the same time, but here are some:


The Chieftains


The Cottars




Flogging Molly


Gaelic Storm


The Dubliners


Warren Zevon


The Who


ZZ Top


Seamus Kennedy


The Rolling Stones




Pink Floyd


The Beatles


Ozzy Osbourne (only some)


Lynyrd Skynyrd


Lou Reed


Led Zeppelin


The Irish Rovers


Ian Anderson


The Doors


David Kincaid


Creedence Clearwater Revival


Benga Astur


Boann's Clan

Bob O


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I used to listen to 'passion' by peter gabrielle when forging, really cool with allot of traditional middle eastern choral stuff and big on the rithm section. but it ended up getting melted some how... I found this half melted caset tape with the word 'passion' printed on it. shoulda taken a photograph.

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I have a fairweather forge so I listen to the sounds of nature and the music of hot metal getting forged. Otherwise bluegrass, celtic, big classical, traditional country, some folk and the occasional goth.

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Oh man, good but hard question...I routinely have to buy bigger and bigger CD zip-cases for My stuff )eventually just gonna go MP3 for the shop) -...Currently I've been listening to mostly Flogging Molly (They also make the perfect music for new years eve!) Elsewise...here's a small sample of what i listen too alot while in shop and otherwise


metal/black metal/death metal: metallica, cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, SAINT Ozzy, evanescense, Gackt ( J pop/rock), kalmah, KMFDM/MDFMK, Nile, marilyn manson, Rhapsody, The haunted, Venom, the union underground, dark tranquility, demon hunter, hatebreed, Atreyu


other mixed stuff (classical/pop/rap/whatever I feel like) - jean paul rampart (dont know if I spelt that right, a french flutist), Eminem, Lil Jon' (YEAH!), Crazy-town, the chieftans, eric clapton, natalie macmaster (awesome fiddle player), michelle branch, Rick james, voltaire, pink, spice girls, mindless self indulgence, lube (said "Lu-bay" - a very interesting russian pop-ish group), misc. Dance-Dance-revolution songs, and who knows WHAT else...I'll stop before I give you all more reason to think I've got a Multiple personality disorder :-D

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I like almost everything people have posted + or - 3 songs, i have a burnt CD of Chinese and Japanese flute music for when i do wood working, it mellows me out. One more thing, i feel that what substantiates good music is when you listen to it you feel the warm , almost electric pulse through your body. Thats the good stuff!!!!

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