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As a survivor of the disco era, there's something deeply disturbing about that statement... :huh:


Somebody send that boy some Flogging Molly, quick! B)



Hehe, only some disco, for some reason, it is not too bad(plus it was all there was to listen to at the shop I was working at:)). But when I get an ipod or stereo or something in my shop, oh man it will be all the goodies, Dropkick Murphy's(old stuff), Ramones, Rancid(old stuff), Rolling Stones(the good stuff, STREET FIGHTIN' MAN, G7!!!!!!!), SOME Flogging Molly, Lots of The Clash, this Japanese rock band called the Pillows(of FLCL fame), Hans Zimmer, and some classical(Flight of the valkyries and stuff liek that) and operas. Better?:)

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All of a sudden I heard Grantchester Meadows in my head and had a flashback.

i am an enormous metalhead and have almost all kinds of wierd underground metal on my ipod. but when i am forging i actually prefer things from my dads extensive blues/rock music collection, my absol

I have a preference to listen to Amon Amarth, Nightwish, as well as Eluveitie when I think of forging(will listen when i do forge too ) Eluveitie is a unique band, I know of a lot of folk metal but t

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Yaaay - music!!!


While I can work pretty well listening to older Rock/ Metal-stuff like Maiden, Metallica, Motörhead etc., in the last years I somewhat prefer the more subtle sounds of Soul (Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Lou Rawls...), Blues (esp. the dry sound of John Lee Hooker) and Jazz in its vast varieties (growing up already I guess :lol: ).



@Matt Gregory: Rammstein is said to be named after the Ramstein Airbase (biggest U.S. Airbase in Germany, if I recall that right) close to Kaiserslautern in Germany where an terrible Aircraft Accident happened in 1988.

With what you call "neo-Hitler youth marching anthems" your not so far off track, while Rammstein takes good care not to be mixed with nazi-ideology, their lyrics definately are somewhat fascistic (am I spelling this right?) and have definitely nothing to do with furry kittens (besides burning them or so <_< )

They are also far more successful in the U.S. and Japan than they are in Germany.


edit: Wikipedia knows more

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well since im only forging once a week and its not in my own shop i settle for the sound of hammers around me, not a bad sound at all...somtimes its kinda nice to just wait outside if they have started early and listen to the ring of hammers....i kinda enjoy it


when working in the carpentry shop at home it usualy dialed in to 91.3 Jack FM which plays a bit of everything...its pretty good to work to

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grizzly bear. veckatimest.


i went to a furthur show last month in atlanta... remnants of the grateful dead... quite the experience.



ps. thread resurrection... two solid years...

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Nice Ty. Breaking Ben, Sick Puppies, Janus, Story of the Year, Shaman's Harvest, Annberlin, Linkin Park...do you have all day?

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Sometimes I listen to stories, (I know, no good rythm, but I like them) But usually I listen to country. Like Toby Keith, Tim Mcgraw, Brad paisly, Rodney Atkins, Rascall flatts, etc. etc.

I am starting to merge into some heavier music for the good beat, but slowly.

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no music in shop - just the roar of the fire and the whine of grinders.


However, I've an interesting selection of acid jam bands running through my head at all times - can't turn it off, much less select the songs :blink:


(majority: GD & Phish)

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I've been going thru the Steve Kimock concerts on the Internet Archives these days.... THANK YOU BROADBAND!!!!!!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

John, check out MOJO radio 100.7 boston.... 24/7 streaming blues.. and only blues.... just like going home.biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


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In no particular order:



Divine Heresy

Viking Skull





Flogging Mollys

Bob Marley



Drowning Pool




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a little heavy metal.


we came as romans

attack attack!

children of bodom


some trip hop


flying lotus



occasionally some vampire weeked, say anything, nickel creek, and the dear hunter

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Not sure you will find a wierder blend then what is on our shop's ipod.



Michael Jackson



Frank Sinatra

3 days grace

Breaking Benjamin

Tom Dolby



to name a few...

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I can go from something like All That Remains to L'arc en C'el to something like Enya on my mp3 player, but the Jonas Brothers...couldn't do it.:P


Today I'm playing some Jethro Tull. I think I'll start out with the Songs From the Wood album.

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i like a lot of metal but do go outside


breaking benjman


killswitch engage

ten years

five fingered death punch

job for a cowboy

as i lay dying


bullet for my valentine

all that remains

in flames

avenged sevenfold


rise against

adelitas way


flogging molly

dropkick murphys


and way too much more to list, i do like more varity :)



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the only problem i find with techno is that i can never forge to it.

i space out and instinctively start to try to keep up to the beat ..

and end up dead on the floor wondering what happened.



be warned.

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