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This is a picture of a knife that I did with Eric O. Bergland. Its been so long ago that I gave him this blade I can't remember what the size is but by just guessing the blade is around 8" and was forged from 5160. The blade was forged when I did a demo at the KWKC Show. After I finished the forging demo Eric asked if we could do a collaboration and then he said he'd like to do it with the last blade that I forged. He gave the knife a totally different flavor.


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Very nice,I really like that handle alot,could you please give us a bit more information on it's construction.




Dan, The knife is threw tang. I'm not sure if Eric peened the end of the tang or if he threaded like I do. Here's the rest of the information: the leather is cape buffalo laminated on oxhide, then joined with Spanish edge lacing. The medallion is mammoth ivory, and the tassle ends are giraffe bone. The handle is ebony, leather and fiber spacers, and giraffe bone fore and aft, with copper and bronze pin work.


I've just seen the same photo that your seeing and kinda hope Eric doesn't sell it so I can take a look at it in April.

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