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heat-blued drop-point

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here's one i just finished. apologies for the crappy pics. forged O1, with differential ht and hammer textured flats. the tang is fully tapered and file-worked all the way around. the blade has been satin finished and heat blued (you cant really see the colour in the pics - it looks a lot better in person: i'll have to take some pics under natural light). the handle is pink ivory with carved mammoth ivory menuki. the bolsters are carved from brass with blued steel and copper inserts. the sheath is carved maccassar ebony and tooled leather. let me know what you think.







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I like it very much!


nice knife and handle and wonderfull sheath ( or scabbard ? )


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Looks good, but did the heat of blueing affect the temper?  Nice use of mammoth ivory, too.



With O1 i've generally found that you can bring the temper right through the purple/blue i use as a decorative finish and into the silver blue and still leave the blade plenty hard enough - id guess around 58 rockwell; you can just about cut it with a new file, but it's almost impossible to file-work without skidding occasionally and messing it up - hence the differential ht. i have found, however, that the oxide itself is slightly softer, and if you sharpen before bluing it wont hold a razor edge for long, so i put a micro-bevel on the edge after bluing with a hard felt buffing wheel, and have no problems.

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