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Propane burner heads

Bob Geldart

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I am by no means knowledgeable with burners, but I think it's because it mixes the air and propane/natural gas whatever best. Also it's easier (for me at least) to get round tubing as opposed to square, not to mention the fact that you can thread round pipes and fittings together with ease, as well as take them apart. You;d have to slot square tubes together and bolt or weld them methinks..you can't screw them together by any means. :D Sqaure burners...they are also not as...aerodynamic and suave looking... :P

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A buddy of mine who has recently started making damascus billets for sale is using a large rectangular burner mouth with some heavy steel screen as a flame holder. The forge is an old milk can lined with about two inches of kaowool, the burner is a forced air type with three-inch pipe. It gets to welding heat in about five minutes. :ph34r:


Matt's webpage


Click on his studio link to see the forge.


It works VERY well, suffice it to say.

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I remember the experiments we did at school lighting the gas from a bunsen burner after it had been passed through fine mesh.



In that case you'll remember the flame would not go past the screen. Same principle, except Matt's mesh is made of 3/16" wire on 3/8" centers. It would probably work just fine without the mesh, but it adds both turbulance to help mix the gasses and a physical point beyond which the flame front cannot propagate.


The gas mixing is by far the more important function.

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