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belt grinder electrical problems... 50to60 cycles

Greg Thomas Obach

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Hi all


i was at an auction and picked up a scantool 150x beltgrinder... its a big one... like the one on this site (its the SC150 )



the problem is that the motor is suppose to be 3x400v 50 cycles...


i'm wondering if i have to scrub the euro motor completely... and get one that runs on 60 ....or is there a way around it...


can i get some kind of transformer or something to make it work..





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If you've got a 400v 3 phase supply at 60hz I think the only problem will be that the motor will run 20% faster than it should but check with an electrical engineer.




The frequency should not be a problem. We actually use a frequency controller on a 3 phase 230v compressor to throttle it so to speak. Its on a refrigeration test rig and allows us to change the rate of cooling. I would just make sure your voltages are on the low end of 440 and not the high end if you're running a 440 line to it.



If you can't beat it, heat it up and try again.

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thanks for the replies


thats what i've been told....... looks like the 440v is gonna be the problem... ...thats ok, i'll just keep my eye out for motor to swap it with...


not bad....only paid 200 bucks at the auction for it...



thanks again



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so... in a quick verbal description.... there is a flat bar fork the holds the serrated work wheel.......

-- welded to the back of the fork are two 3/4 inch guide rods....... the far one is much longer that the close..... both go into a sleeve welded to the frame.... and both have springs to force the wheel out...


on the long guide rod.......there is an oblong cam connected to the outside lever..... to slack the belt... just push the lever down and the cam move to give more room for the 3/4 guide rod....



-- very neat design.....


-- plus the top of the machine is a very very long flat platen......



if you need more pic's of certain parts...... let me know




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