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Japanese Vs. Sheffield?

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Would like to know everyones opinions on these two hammers.

Bill Fiorini's Japanese hammer

Ric Furrer's cutlery hammer



Get Bill's hammer; he makes a good tool and I have about three months of architectural work and some swords to finish before I could get to anything else.


Randal can make a good hammer as well.


Thank you for considering my work though, but the time frame I think would be too far out for you...I want you forging.



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I orderd a couple of hammers from Bill last month. Only had a small one left in stock and probably wouldn't make more 'till summer.


Another one who makes a fine hammer is Romey Bromich, sdcb27@yahoo.com Not a typical dog faced or japanese cutlers, but still very effective. And he might do what you want if you asked nice :-)



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The actual Japanese hammers (while variable) are made from cut off sledges. The Japanese are great craftsmen not always tool snobs (though they know good tools). I have some tape of a top japanese smith, and surprisingly his whole outfit is very western, he stands his anvill is a double horn type, a fairly typical smith's fire and bellows, can't recall his hammer but nothing sexy enough to warrant as second look. Ball peen hammers are a design with nose weight. Experiment with various things. Even blocks of low carbon super quenched will work.

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