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Water Stone sites here

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I did the conversion from Yen to dollars 45.000 is $379.42~

Good link, I forgot about that one.

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This link is a currency converter, for all those who dont live in Japan lol.



And this link is a measurement converter, enjoy.

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theres also some here:



there one of the links, i thought i would leave it here as there are also oil stones among other things that might come in handy from this place...


This is a amazing bunch of resource links. I have been looking for round stones/rods for a while now. Thanks so much everyone!




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people can try this site, too

it is from Finnland and the guy there is really cool:



the material is mainly Phyllite and between 600 and 1000 mesh, they are good waterstones

I have used them often and even my wife uses them in the kitchen nowadays

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