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it's good to have the forum up and running again, but while it's been down, i actually got some work done, some of which i thought i'd show.

first off, a couple of my standard sgian dubhs, made for friend prices, so good work ( i think!) for not a lot of money, but fun to do.






sandvik stainless, sterling silver, carved maccassar ebony and mamoth ivory pommel settings.


next, a double edged "Kelt Dagger" - a commission from a foreign customer, which i'm not sure if it's quite what he wanted - my german's not up to scratch, but i hadn't done a double edged dagger for years, so i gave it a shot:




O1, fullers, carved maccassar handle and brass hardware.


and a couple of forged O1 fairly simple pieces, unintentionally inspired by don's gent's knives (i knew the idea came from somewhere, but it was only after i'd made them that i saw something similar, though much cooler, on dons site)










the first one has a stag handle, has been edge quenched and given a mustard etch, which looks pretty cool. the second one was clay hardened, with an edge quench, hand rubbed to 600 and heat blued, which for some reason made a hair thin but active hamon pop out, although i haven't managed to photograph it yet.


anyway, thanks for looking,



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