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What do you think of my work?

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I lurk this forum a lot getting as much info as I can. Now that the forums back up I thought I would post a pic of my latest knife to see what people think, I don’t know many real knife people so it’s hard to get feed back.


Its forged from a flat piece of 1095, quenched in oil, most of the work was done with files and finished with paper to 1200 grit then a short etch in lemon juice. It has a vine pattern file work on the spine. I don’t know what type of wood the handle is and the pin is brass.


Length – 23cm

Blade – 12cm

Blade width – 34mm

Thick – 6mm





Any constructive criticism would be good.

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Super job! If that is your first knife then you have put the rest of to shame. The vine work on the spine is excellent!

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Thanks Finnigan, it’s not my first knife it’s about my 10th but all of those were either experiments or small utility knives. The file work looks hard but it’s actually on of the easiest things to do.

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i wish i could file like that i will have to try it some time very nice job though my 10 knife looked like somthing you'd find in a junkyard on the ground :)

good work


the only thing of constructive critizism i could give you, and it doesn't look to be an issue in this knive

is my tendency to cut myself on the edge right where the handle and the edge meet

so i try to make a shoulder or a guard of some sort. in your picture though it looks far enough away.


i just got cut a few times in my earlier forging years when i didn't think about that and i just kept grinding until it looked good only to discover my tendency to make it sharp down to the handle


but it makes mine look bad *has to start doing file work*:)

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how long did it take from start to finnish?

Hard to say probably about 4 one hour sessions at the forge including heat treating and all that, plus a few hours with files and a few more hours finishing the blade all this spread over about two or three weeks.


Heres a pic of it in its sheath (made from an old belt) next to a seax I’ve been working on.


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