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Sorry to have to do this but I must respecfully bow out of this one as well. Other obligations and my inexperience is to blame. I guess I just got in over my head. Sorry guys.



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Six days to go. There is still time to get in. If you are not on the list and you should be let me know.


Prisim, How is that shear steel coming.


Here is the current list.


Primal Fires

Primal Fires

1) Jens Butler (Oakwood Forge)

2) Douglas Martin

3) Adlai Stein (Macabee)

4) Michael Mara (RadHarc59)

5) Thomas Powers (Bog Iron)

6) Rusty Clark (Rusty Shovels)


Bladesmiths Forum

7) Adam Ridlon

8) Kristopher Skelton

9) Jaimie Boley (polarbearforge)

10) Gary Blessing (Ice Tiger)

11) Chris Delancy

12) Bruce Norris

13) Jacob Elmslie


The Outpost – Knife Network

14) Charles D. Prokopp (cprokopp)

15) Bobby Keller (boo)

16) Cory Owens


Yahoo Groups

17) Osbourn Hrothgarson (Oz)

18) Michael Strohscher (Mike Stroh)

19) Lars Kirmser

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Here are the names for the SITH. My lovely wife pulled them randomly from a hat just like Vanna.

Please contact the person below your name to send your Seax to. The last name on the list sends to the first person. Give them a week to respond so that we can move names around in case your person is a no show.

For the people who have Thomas Powers (Bogiron) He is on vacation and will return in 2 weeks. You can contact him then.


Please let me know with a PM if you have trouble contacting the person on your list and I'll see what I can do to help you get hold of them.

Thanks for playing and may all your knives be Seaxy.



1) Charles D. Prokopp (cprokopp)


2) Lars Kirmser


3) Adam Ridlon


4) Bobby Keller (boo)


5) Jacob Elmslie


6) Gary Blessing (Ice Tiger)


7) Michael Mara (RadHarc59)


8) Adlai Stein (Macabee)


9) Osbourn Hrothgarson (Oz)


10) Rusty Clark (Rusty Shovels)


11) Thomas Powers (Bog Iron)


12) Bruce Norris


13) Jaimie Boley (polarbearforge)


14) Chris Delancy


15) Cory Owens


16) Jens Butler (Oakwood Forge)


17) Douglas Martin


18) Kristopher Skelton


19) Michael Strohscher (Mike Stroh)

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Jens I was going to give it a week but if you get hold of your person do it when you can. I think as long as both parties are in agreement that's cool. It's more of a guidline than a rule.

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Jens I was going to give it a week but if you get hold of your person do it when you can. I think as long as both parties are in agreement that's cool. It's more of a guidline than a rule.




i tried to find my guy in the member log but couldnt, im looking for Gary Blessing ice tiger. it may be a few days before i can get pics. i just joined the digital revolution, with a cheap walmart camera, but i cant figure out how to upload them on the computer yet. i foolishly bought a camera with a program that wont run on my home pc. so i have to use a friends. what are friends for huh?


really excited to share my pics and see others. hope everyone is having better success with the pics than i am.


jacob elmslie

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Morning all. Finished this awhile ago, but I'll probably be nitpicking the sheath until I ship at the end of the week.


Steel: 1065

Handle: Forged copper and maple w/ linseed finish

Blade: 8"

OAL: 14"


This is an honery knife.... drew blood 4 times. A few weeks ago she reminded me why I always try to put a glove over a clamped blade when I walk away from the vise -- bit me all the way to the bone on my left shoulder blade.





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ouch!! i had a dull blade clamped in a vise and walked right into it once too. hurt quiet a bit but no blood.



actually guys im afraid my knife doesnt meet the requirements. by my plans it would have but because of my inexperience i had to use an arc welder to fix something that i broke off, a dremel tool to carve the handle and wood glue to fix some breaks in the handle. and this is suposes to be a natural historical creation right?


hopefully i can post anyways. thanks



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Do you want me to take you out? Maybe you should PM Ice Tigre and ask him what he thinks. Please let me know ASAP if you need to drop out.

I'm not sure what you had to fix but as long it's not a problem with the blade structure and stregth it's ok. I wasn't concerned with the methods of getting there but more of the style and materials. Keep trying.



Adam that's very nice. Your work just keeps getting better & better.

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the blade is sharp and strong, the welded part is for asthetics. i split the tang section and drew out a forged wire, which iu wrapped around for the gaurd, but when i was forging the blade it kept wrapping around the tang and eventually snapped off, so i had to weld it back on. and then when i was carving the handle (some parts are very thin) i broke a few sections and had to glue the pieces together. its up to you guys whether i can post or not. of course i want to share with everyone but it may not befiar if its a competition or anything. which i dont think it is.


structurally, i have chopped sections out of oak and can slice paper in some sections ( i have worked hard to gwet the whole thing to slice paper, but have had some problems with sharpening. i got it so close then i ould go to a 200 grit sand paper and ruin the whole thing. so i keep trying and foolishly keep on going, i have had it better than i prolly have it right now.


trying to get pics up asap but it may be a few days still. at worst i will but a disposable camera and use that, even though the pics will be fuzzy... i have some really fuzzy pics that i really dont want to show but i will, cause i ithnk u guys will like this one.

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Nice blades , Adam & Jacob those are both really Sweet !! Adam that is so viking it hurts, sounds like it has a wee li'l blood lust as well. Jason That is just awesome, I love the way it twists and curves around.


Adlai, I can seem to find a way to contact Doug Martin, He's not registered at "primal fires" so I can't PM him , do you have an E-mail ? Has there been any contact with him recently, last time He posted over there was 6/22/06, almost 3 months ago. I'll be off line for the next week or so Possibly he'll show up, Let me know Please.



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