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USA/Texas - Johnny Stout

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Johnny Stout/Knifemaker


Classes offered:


5 day Basic knifemaking class

5 day Advanced class

5 day Folder class

5 day Automatic class

1 day classes are offered on specific requirements by student.


All classes are conducted one-on-one.


Location: New Braunfels, Texas


Contact me direct for complete information and pricing.


Contact information:

Johnny Stout

1205 Forest Trail

New Braunfels, Texas 78132



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Wannabe- knife-makers~~~On the trail of becoming a knifemaker. The best and shortest route is through the best instructor you can get to take the time to instill a small part of his/her knowledge in your mind.


ED CAFFERY-- Is in the north(MT.) country and is a good maker in forged blades or stock removal, if that is what you want. He is a gifted instructor. Everybody that has been to him says this.


JOHNNY STOUT- Hails from the Hill country of TX. Is a good instructor, great person, and a really good maker of fine folding knives. I met him at a Hammer-in held at JOE CORDOVA'S several years ago.


D'HOLDER is the culprit(GRIN) behind my knifemaking. He waited till I had made about thirty knives. Then, he had me to go to his shop in AZ. I live in the TX. panhandle.


This was a pretty good length to drive to acquire a little knowledge. I spent a night on the road and arrived in the middle of the day. We were in D's shop just watching D' work and asking questions for about 16 hours total time.


What I came away with was not a little knowledge. It was an whole new concept in knifemaking. Just sitting there watching him work and asking questions that the first thirty knives had positioned in my mind. I had been doing things in a common sense way. Which was the only way I had of doing the work.


D' showed us so many shortcuts and better ways of doing the work, that it cut my hours on a knife to less than 10 hours , from a previous 30 to 40 hours on each knife. Not only saving time on the differentMuch better) looking knives but instilling in me the different methods and manners of using what tools I had.


If someone is serious about the making of knives. One of these guys could move you ahead ten years in just five days.Grin---No fooling.


I am not trying to sell their services, but to advise that if one is serious about making knives. These guys would be cheap at several hundred dollars a day.


Chuck Bennett

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