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Bryan Bondurant

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by Reynaldo S. Galang

(from arjee enterprises inc.)

Something wicked this way comes....

NOW available!!!


Masters of the Blade by Reynaldo S. Galang

(arjee enterprises inc.)



Complete List of Participant (Individuals or Groups)

Roger Agbulos - Amok! (T. Sotis) - Atienza Kali - Bakbakan Kali (Tulisan Knife Fighting) - Bud Balani - Ron Balicki - Ray Dionaldo - Bram Frank - Krishna Godhania - Dave Gould - Steve Grody - Hock Hochheim - John Jacobo - Michael Janich - James Keating - San Miguel Eskrima - Steve Tarani - Felix Valencia


In this truly groundbreaking masterpiece of academic research, highly acclaimed Filipino Martial Arts warrior and scholar, Rey Galang, collaborates with renowned “Masters of the Blade” to bare the heart and soul of the Filipino martial arts. In a presentation that goes beyond and across boundaries, discover the techniques, the training methods, the strategies and concepts that have been honed, tested and proven through centuries of combative application. Discover the essence of the Filipino Martial Arts that has made them respected and utilized worldwide by law enforcement officers, armed forces personnel, frontline operatives and members of the public interested in self-protection with and against edged weapons.


Destined to become another classic resource on the Warrior Arts of the Philippines, this massive collection, profusely illustrated with over 2700 photos, presents the core tactics and concepts of many world acclaimed edged weapon combative experts.


“One of the finest self-defense knife instructors I’ve had the pleasure to know is Master Reynaldo Galang of Bakbakan International. His ability to develop the reactions and quickness of his students while maintaining their safety in his training is outstanding. I’m honored to write the foreword for ‘Masters of the Blade’, his latest in a series of excellent books.” --- GM Bobby Taboada, Balintawak Arnis Cuentada


ISBN 0-9727679-2-4

Pages: 472

Product Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.0 x 1.0 inches

Publisher: arjee enterprises inc.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2005902486

See ordering options below:


US Orders only: Masters of the Blade direct from arjee enterprises inc. at $40.00 each ($34.95 plus $5.05 s/h)


Foreign/Non-US Orders: Masters of the Blade direct from arjee enterprises inc. at $45.00 each ($34.95 plus $10.05 s/h)


or send check/money order payable to Bakbakan International at $34.95 per book

PLUS (S/H of $5.05 per book for US orders or $10.05 per book for Foreign/Non-US orders.

Bakbakan International

PO Box 692

Roseland, NJ 07068

Please note that the usual pick up of mail from our PO Box is once a week and therefore all orders placed through this method are subject to a minimum additional delay of one (1) week prior to processing.


SAVE on shipping & handling fees on UK/European orders by ordering direct from UK representative:

Peter Lewis

via Tel: 07751 704610



SAVE on shipping & handling fees on AUSTRALIAN Orders by ordering direct from Australian representative:

Rahneer Fabi

via Tel: (612) 9797-1723

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