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1095 steel in Mexico

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I`ve been gone and off the boards for a longtime here. I couldn`t even remember my user account information to log and so had to start a new one.

Some may have remembered a post I made on safety in Canada after an accident I had when I severed 3 tendons, artery and 3 nerves to my right wrist.

Anyways, I`ll stop before I start to ramble and get straight to the point!


I no longer live in Canada and amnow on the south east gulf coast of Mexico (Xalapa, Veracruz to be exact)

I`m having one heck of a time sourcing out material down here and am about to break down like a little baby and cry! I can only find leaf springs as I typel. Any metal supply I go to and ask for 1095, tool steel etc just scratch their heads and get REALLY confused (Its not my Spanish at fault either).


So please, can anyone help me by pointing me in the direction of where to find high carbon steels and other alloys that are used in other everyday applications. My gut is telling me that this is potentially the only way I`ll make any progress.


There aren`t even any antique/thrift shops where I can pick up some old files to beat into submission.


Please, someone, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Xalapa is nice! I've been there.


I was once fortunate to visit a shop in Oaxaca that made knives and swords for the tourist trade, and they worked exclusively with used leaf springs. As you've found, things don't get thrown out in Mexico to the extent that they do here in the U.S., so I've found it can be much more difficult to scrounge there. You might check next door in Puebla as there is more industry there (including the VW plant where all the new Beetles are made).


Let me also point out that I've had blank looks from structural steel suppliers here in the U.S. when I asked about alloy steel, so I doubt it's your Spanish. Since most steel is plain old A-36, some places simply aren't familiar with different alloys.



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One thing that I`m really looking forwardto is the somewhat endless supply of charcoal that goes by my house everyday. I actually watch old men pass by with their burrows stacked with gunnysacks full of pine charcoal AND from the last time I bought it (for my BBQ) its cheap!!!!


Going tomorrow to a couple local suspension shops to see what they have. There`s also a huge steel factory on the outskirts of the airport towards theport city so when I swing by there I think I`ll go by there and see what they have

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