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We went to the coast last Sunday for a day of shore fishing, lunch and hot hot gulf coast sun. We hit 4 different beaches and made a nice stay in Villa Rica. Villa Rica is a small quiet fishing village and greets you with coconut vendors, fishing nets hanging under palapas to dry off and a nice northern breeze. Villa Rica also happens to be where Hernan Cortez first set foot in the Americas during the Conquest. Interesting about Villa Rica is that about 2 miles back from the beach the ground rises up sharply - a monolithic mountain. The Totonacs found a level plain on the side and built there ceremonial pyramids and altars. The site is called Quiahuiztlàn. So here`s a photo of the mountain and a few tombs in all their glory. It`s very peaceful and extremely hot with stunning views of the ocean. Amazing too to think what the Totonacas were thinking when they saw the ships anchoring off shore

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