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In the dog house!

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Sooooo, moving to Mexico, check.

Baggage and plane ticket in hand, check.

Leaving all tools behind in storage......ummmm................Didn`t think I`d miss them so soon.




No tools (not MY tools and No Tools=no blower), fired up some charcoal last night to treat some 5160. Again, No Tools=no blower. Grabbed first thing in mind that would work - A little 5 inch fan my wife uses (you know where this is going) in the summer here. Found out later it`s actually my mother in-laws.

Wife comes outside around the corner where I`m giving a demonstration to a friend and sees little fan in hand.


"I sure hope that doesn`t melt (in Spanish of course)"

To which I reply, "No, don`t worry dear" and in that very instant I turn it around just to make sure and wouldn`t you know, the front is melting and paint on the steel guards is peeling.


So, my back hurts like a donkey hauling tequila off to market after spending the night in doghouse. :wacko:


Oh yeah, the steel turned out A.W.E.S.O.M.E

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inevitably, it is the rake we our selves drop that we so frequently find up our own noses. :wacko: my blacksmithing teacher would have called that a terminal case of the clevers.

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SWMBO has come to the conclusion that, since I am an inveterate scrounger (And cheap), that she will often see anything left lying about unsupervised converted to some improbable use.

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Just a note to highlight the invasion of "crap"


I lived here 9 years ago. The city I believe has a population nearing three quarters of a million. At the time, they had just opened their first McDonalds. There were no other fast food chains, nor large department stores. Jump to.....




4 McDonalds, 1 Burger king, 1 KFC, Countless Subways, 1 Carls Jr Burgers, Endless Domino`s pizza`s, 1 Walmart, 1 Sam`s, 1 Costco, 1 Home Depot, 2 Office Depots, 1 Liverpool (don`t know if they exist outside of here but DAMM are they ever expensive) 2 Sears with integrated Pier 1.


The list goes on and on and on.


And do you think the employees get fair wage (equivalent to back home) YOU GUESSED IT. NOT A CHANCE


All Delta products for example at Home Depot cost the same OR more (luxury tax)


I buy all my stuff at the local smaller shops as they risk getting chooked out by the big boys.


Sorry if I ran off topic. I guess it`s OK though since I started this thread :P


Only eaten once at McDonalds since my arrival - 7 months ago - as 1 dollar buys me 5 tacos in the street!


I recently bought 12 pounds of "homemade/handmade" charcoal from a little old guy for 4 bucks, not sure if it was a good deal or a really good deal, any opinions?

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